3D Converted Diamond Crystal - Pet

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3D Converted Diamond Crystal - Pet


Choose your favourite photo and have it digitally engraved on a stunning 3D crystal – timeless, elegant and meaningful.

3D Diamond Photo Crystal is perfect for displaying a photo and personalizing with the text message.Advances in digitised photo technology have paved the way for amazing personalised gifts never before possible. One of the most beautiful and meaningful options out there are 3D Photo Crystals printed with photo real images of loved ones, friends, family – and of course, dogs!

Choose your favourite meaningful photo and have it etched into a 3D photo cube perfect for your bookshelf or desk at work. Can be used as a modern glass paperweight. By default we remove the background from all images in 3d.

We don't engrave the logo in the crystal

The crystal comes in its own velvet box so you don’t even have to worry about fancy packaging.

Measures : 60x60x60mm

A glittering crystal gift will look gorgeous when it catches the light. Click here to find suitable LED Light Bases

  • Free Delivery in 3 to 5 working days
  • Free Personal Text Message
  • Free Velvet lined presentation box
  • Our company allows you to turn your dog’s picture into a fully detailed 3D model in many sizes, perfect for bringing your pet back to life after they pass away.
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