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Crystal Frame with Laser Photo a Great Wedding Gift

A great wedding gift is harder to find these days.  It’s not just that fewer couples provide a list. But more people seem to be well set up long before they take the plunge. So what makes a stand out wedding present?

Obviously it’s something that’ll be appreciated; preferably personal in some way. Crystal FramesIf you don’t know the bride and groom well your job is even harder. But we have something in mind that makes a thoughtful wedding gift for all ages and tastes: a crystal frame with laser photo.

You may be unfamiliar with our crystals or laser photos for that matter so let us explain.

A laser photo is essentially an engraving usually in 2D, but we do 3D ones too. We use technology to laser etch your photos into beautiful crystal objects.

In this case, the crystal in question is a large crystal photo frame. The design is slim line and very chic. What’s extra special about this particular deluxe size frame is it incorporates a super bright LED base. This allows the photo, inside the crystal, to really stand out in a very life like way.

Most people think a great wedding gift is long lasting. Our large crystal frame with laser photo is just that. It keeps precious memories alive. But don’t just take our word for it, search the web and you’ll find our customers love the quality of our crystal gifts.

Giving a laser etched crystal photo frame means you won’t have to worry about duplication of gifts or what someone’s property looks like inside. These crystal frames look great in modern and traditional homes.

Right now we have a special offer on too. We’re offering these long lasting crystal photo frame gifts at 10% off, now just £47.69 down from £52.99. The discounted price also includes your choice of text heading or message to be incorporated into the design.

Personalised Zippo Lighter

Finding personalised presents for men is a nightmare. Wouldn’t you agree ladies? Personalised Lighter And when it comes to men buying presents for other men..well. let’s just say that sometimes they need a helping hand. A practical gift is always a good bet. But it’s miles better if you can personalise it.

It’s a cliché to say it’s the thought that count. But a present someone’s put some effort into will always go down well.

Smoking may be on the decrease, but most of us know at least a handful of die-hard smokers. Come to think of it, you don’t even need to be a smoker to appreciate a personalised engraved lighter. A lighter is still a handy thing to own.

Mention lighter brands to people and they’ll always say ‘Zippo’. As far as lighters go it’s the only name that people remember. The problem is they’re very expensive.

An alternative is to opt for a quality replica such as our budget copy of the original Zippo. At only £10, it’s a steal because the price includes a photo or text engraving. It’s one of the best personalised budget gifts you can buy.

We think you’d be hard pressed to find a better engraved lighter. We know from previous years these make great fathers day gifts. After all there’re only so many pairs of socks or aftershave that one man can use.

And what about a new dad? A lighter with the new arrival’s face engraved on it is a touching gift to hallmark a life changing moment.

It’s also a gift that works well as a birthday present.  Granddads and uncles can be tricky to buy gifts for. If the recipient has a sense of humour you can have great fun with choosing a suitable photo. The skies the limit.

More details about this product can be found here

Personalised Photo Gifts

They make you laugh. They make you cry. Photos are always special. What could be more moving than giving someone a personalised photo gift?

Now it helps if you have some imagination. Photo Gift KeyringYou don’t need to stick with the usual suspects when it comes to subjects for photo gifts. Of course, we get many requests for turning portrait style photos into crystal gifts. But really, personalised photo gifts present a world of opportunity. The only limits are your ideas and imagination!

Take holidays, for example. Look carefully in your photo collection and you’ll find photos that defined your best holiday memories. Whether it’s a street sign in New Orleans, an all-American Diner or the view from Ben Lomond they’ll be a picture that defined a magic moment. Put it in crystal, and you have a fantastic present for the person you shared the moment with.

Graduations are an overlooked opportunity for creating a lasting, personal gift. If only you’d known then what you know now, eh? But if you know someone who is graduating a personalised photo gift of the occasion may be just the thing. After all, everyone comes to realise sooner or later these really were the best days of their life!

Pure tom foolery can make for great photo moments too. Usually the embarrassing kind! Who hasn’t been on a hen or stage night and taken lots of funny photos? Whether your hen or stag was the worse for wear or misbehaving badly or the photos just marked the end of an era, you can make your snaps last longer. Pick your favourites and turn them into something more memorable in 3D crystal or a crystal photo frame.

And don’t forget. Many of our gifts can incorporate text, laser etched into the crystal.  Perfect for including a title or personal message