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Christmas Gifts for Her

Go on, admit it. Men aren’t always the most inspired Christmas gift givers.Christmas Gifts for Her  Is it a question of running out of time? Ideas?  We’re not sure.  But here at Incrystals we like to do our bit to help the men of the nation find the perfect gift for their partners.

When it comes to Christmas gifts it’s not always about how much you spend but how much thought you put into finding the right present. Here at Incrystals we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas that’ll delight at Christmas without breaking the bank.

We specialise in providing a unique range of personalised crystal gifts. And we are not talking about glasses and decanters either. We use the latest digital technology to etch photographs into 2D or 3D crystal objects including pendants, photo frames and crystals.

Everyone has a cherished photo whether it’s a photo of themselves, family members or even a pet! Our state of the art technology creates true to life images in crystal from digital photos and scans of older photos.  In a nutshell, your chosen crystal object will have an etched replica of the original photo in 2D or 3D.

But enough of the talking. Best to tell you  about some of our fantastic gifts for her. Let’s start with our Heart Shaped Crystal Pendant, complete with chain. As crystal jewellery goes it’s very special. Measuring 28mm x 22mm and only 8mm thick, our heart shaped pendant is elegant and stylish.  Perfect for displaying a portrait photo we also include a free text engraving.  The pendant comes in its own velvet pouch so you don’t even have to worry about fancy packaging. Just wrap and you’re done. Currently we offering 10% off the normal price so it’s only £21.59 for a limited period.

Or what about one of our photo crystals? Our Extra Large Photo Frame with LED Lights are the largest crystal photos we offer. Measuring 180mm x 130mm and 10mm deep, the photo is engraved inside the crystal and set off by an LED stand that allows light to flow through the crystal. This photo frame is very elegant and suits any interior. Normally £69.99, it’s now only £62.99 for a limited period. If this photo crystal isn’t quite what you are looking for have a browse. We literally have photo crystals in all shapes and sizes.

There are times of course when you might want someone to choose their own gift. We’ve got that covered as well. We offer gift vouchers in multiples of £10. Perfect if you want someone to choose their own gift.

Christmas Gifts for Pet Lovers

Everyone here at Incrystals would class themselves as a pet lover.  We’re pretty much split evenly between cat people and dog people. We even admit to buying our pets gifts at Christmas: toys, treats, name it.  But what do you give a pet lover?

When it comes to the gifts we’ve been given over the years, they are a very mixed bunch.  China cats and dogs, plates, bags, and a few novelty items. Many of these gifts, are, if we are honest too twee to use or put on display.

Would it not be far better to buy a pet lover something they’d be guaranteed to be proud to show off?  That got us thinking we simply had to include pet crystals in our flagship 3D range and they have been amongst our best sellers ever since. They make perfect Christmas gifts for pet lovers.

Our Pet Photo 3D crystals create an extremely life-like image of a favourite pet. Whether the pet has gone to Rainbow Bridge or is still with us, our 3D pet crystals, provide a stylish permanent keepsake. The reason for the life-like image is simple. We use state of the art digital technology to engrave the photo in 3D through the crystal. There’s really nothing else like it for pet lovers.

There are 2 options to choose from. The first is our standard 3D pet photo crystal. Measuring 50 x 50 x 80mm, it’s solid rectangular shape makes it perfect for displaying the image of one pet. It costs £39.99 and the price includes not only the photo engraving but also the addition of an engraved message. This crystal works especially well for pet portraits.

The other option is the large 3D pet photo crystal. It measures 60 x 60 x 90mm although other sizes are available on request. This crystal works well for portraits or your pet relaxing in its favourite  position. Currently this crystal is on limited special offer reduced from £79.99 to £67.99, a whopping 15% off.  As a present buyer what’s particularly gratifying is that you can order several for different people but all will be as unique as the pet photo that inspired it.