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Friendship Gifts

Everyone appreciates true friendship is priceless.  You might have grown up together, met at university or later in life by chance.  For special friends and special times you don’t have to wait for birthdays for gift giving. Friendship gifts let you celebrate good times shared. Perhaps a special evening together? Or a trip of a life time? With special friends who needs excuses?!

Incrystals specialises in making crystal keepsakes: special gifts for special friends. Gifts for friends Each piece is unique, created around your special photo; perfect for creating a memento of your trip together or another special memory.  It works like this. We used advanced technology to engrave your favourite photo on or into a crystal in 2D or 3D.  There are a large number of designs to choose from and we feature different special offers each month. Prices start at less than £10. The price includes free UK delivery and your choice of message engraved included. Click here to see products!

The choice of gifts is extensive. For practical friendship gifts we have a range of crystal key rings that can accommodate a photo of you and your friend. Your choice includes our Photo Crystal Key Ring. Right now it’s on special offer with 35% off, now just £9.74. The price includes artwork, and engraving your photo and message.

For something more quirky we have our Round Key Ring with Laser photo & LED Light up. At just £8.99, its one of our best value small crystals. Friendship GiftsWe also stock a similar design in a key chain – the Heart Keychain – With LED light at £19.99. Both have the benefit of a light which really highlights the detail in the crystal. There’s nothing quite like watching light flow through your crystal to show off the engraving.

Of course, you may prefer a larger crystal. If you want something truly different, check out our 3D crystals.  These turn your 2D photo into a 3D crystal object. Our designs include some crystals currently on special offer including our 3D Photo Crystal. This is a cube measuring 50mm x 50mm x 80mm and is on offer at £34.99 – a whopping 35% discount.


Gifts for Dog Lovers

We are experts at creating unusual gifts for dog lovers. At Incrystals we love our pets, so understand you do too.  But finding original, high quality gifts isn’t always easy if you want to stay on the right side of twee.

We can guarantee every gift we produce for a dog lover is unique. Pet photo crystalsThat’s because we turn dog photos into 3D crystal objects. There is no question the end result will not be a good likeness for the subject because our technology etches the dog’s image based exactly on your photo.

Over the years many crystals have been bought as a surprise present for a dog owner either for a birthday or just because they love their dog or even as a memorial.

Now, while we do offer a 3D Pet Photo Crystal, we should also explain all our products can feature a pet, and all prices include an engraved message. Delivery is free on all UK orders.

So, we hear you ask, how does it all work? We use advanced technology to laser etch a photo onto or into a crystal or other 3D gift. The engravings themselves can be produced in 2 or 3D depending on the gift you choose. Both capture the likeness of the subject although the 3D gift enables you to view a photo as you’ve never done before!

To give you an idea of what’s available let’s look at some examples from our current ranges. Dog loversThe Pet Photo – 3D Crystal is the obvious place to start. A number of crystals are suitable for this treatment and 3 options are shown on our website: the 3D Converted Crystal Pet (£39.99), the 3D Pet Photo Large (15% off at £67.99) and the 3D Pet Crystal Key Ring (£15.99). If you have another size or style in mind you don’t see on the page then please give us a call to discuss your requirements.

Alternatives to the 3D treatment include our ranges of Small, Medium and Large Photo Crystals. Options include the Large Crystal Frame Slimline which is currently on offer at £41.39 down 15% and the smaller Classic Photo Crystal at £24.99.

When you have made your choice ordering is easy. Just upload your photo when you order online and we will do the rest.

Crystal Gifts

Years ago crystal gifts, if you’d asked anyone, were ever so jolly hockey sticks. You could expect decanters, glasses and the odd candlestick. Oh my, how times have changed.  Our crystal gifts are very much of and for the 21st century and are priced so everyone can enjoy them.

And what’s more, without a word of a lie, every gift we produce for you is unique. Crystal giftsThat’s right no two are ever the same. If you’ve not caught on, and surely you should have by now, we use cutting-edge technology to create personalised gifts.

See for yourself. Our technology and artists, create 3D photo objects. We do this in one of 2 ways. Either by laser etching your photo onto a gift or miraculously we can turn your photo into a 3D picture running through your chosen crystal object. You won’t have seen anything quite like it!

Our crystals come in a wide range of designs. We have Crystal Photo Frames, which some may think are the perfect choice for creating a keepsake from a wedding, or anniversary photo.

On the other hand, many of our 3D Crystals, are objects d’art in their own right but of course they display a favourite photo at the same time.  Crystals such as our Large Photo crystal 3D or our new 3D Photo crystal cube allow you to see your photo image as you have never seen it before.

It’s true that some photos are going to suit some crystals better than others. For example, our range of Small Crystals are best suited to a portrait style photo whereas some of the large styles give you far more options as far choice of shot and subject are concerned.

Whichever crystal gift you choose it’s the perfect way to preserve a photo or surprise a loved one. We could write about how fabulous our crystal gifts are every day of the week. But whether you’re reading this on our blog or on Facebook, take a look around to see what our customers are saying. We know from speaking to customers they often buy their first crystal as a present but then come back to buy themselves one or two when they see how good they are.  Tempted? See our full range here