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Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Being together to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary puts you (or your parents) in a very select group.  Although other wedding anniversaries are marked with cards and gifts, a golden anniversary is the “biggie”.

Whether you’re planning to hold a family party or go out for a meal, Golden Wedding Anniversary Giftscelebrations typically include giving golden wedding gifts. It’s not possible to reach a golden anniversary until at least 66 years of age.  It’s often said, people of a certain age have everything they could possibly need. So inevitably, the question is what to buy someone for a 50th wedding anniversary gift?

Our view is special anniversaries need special gifts. A lifetime of memories can be celebrated with one of our unique crystal gifts. We specialise in creating 3D or 2D crystal gifts from your special photos. Using advanced technology our lasers can turn your two dimensional photo into a 3D crystal object. See your photos in a whole new light. The technology we use means the end results are absolutely true to the original photo.  But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers say, they are amazed at how true to life (well, photo) our crystals are.

Of course, you’re welcome to browse our site for golden wedding gift ideas.  But, here are some options from our best sellers.

Let’s start with our 3D range. In some cases it’s possible to combine more than one photo. That aside, here are the crystals that work well for a close-up photo of two people. The Large Photo Crystal 3D is a rectangular crystal measuring 60mm x 60mm x 90mm. At £79.99 the price includes artwork and engraving your choice of message on the crystal and a gift box. It’s also worth adding we can sometimes work with older photographs that pre-date digital cameras. The end result is part dependent on the condition of your photo. Call us for a chat about your photo.  Of course, digital photos can be uploaded when you make your order.

Other options include the Extra Large 3D Photo Crystal currently on special offer, down 20%, to £71.99. It measures 100mm x 70mm x 60mm. Perfect for a close-up of two faces. Again, the price includes engraving, lift box and art work. Alternatively, the Super  Size 3D Photo Crystal is also on offer at £87.99. It’s huge – 130mm x 80mm x 80mm. It works really well for 3 faces but we only have limited stock – so hurry.

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Engraved Wedding Gifts

Engraved wedding gifts are popular wedding presents but it can be difficult to find something truly unique. But if you’re looking for an elegant, long lasting engraved present look no further than our range of crystal frames and block crystals.

These are no ordinary crystals of course. Large 3D CrystalWe turn special photos into unique engraved gifts. A photo captures a special moment.  We turn these special moments into a long lasting and memorable gift. It works something like this. Using advanced technology we are able to laser etch photos into a crystal in 3D or 2D.  Each crystal can also be engraved with your choice of message.  For weddings, couples names and the wedding date are popular engravings.

Our crystal frames can be ordered with any message. These are the perfect way to show off a photo and preserve the moment.  And of course because each photo is unique, no two crystal frames are the same. Choose from our Elite Crystal frame (£39.99) or Large Crystal Photo frame with LED Base- Slimline (£52.99). These display photos laser etched into the crystal frame in 2D. The Elite Crystal measures 50mm x 80mm x 50mm.  Your choice of message is engraved free of charge and the photo can be set in a portrait or landscape style. The Large Crystal Photo frame with LED base is a landscape style photo frame and measures 150mm x 100mm x 9mm. The lighting enhances the engraving and any message can be engraved.

Also suitable as wedding gifts are our 3D block crystals.  To create these we turn your photo into a 3D crystal object. Technology and our artists work their magic to produce crystals that are real talking points. Popular choices for engraved wedding gifts include the Large Photo Crystal 3D, Extra Large 3D Photo Crystal and Super Size 3D Photo Crystal. All prices for our 3D block crystals include photo preparation, 3D artwork and your engraved message.  The Extra Large Photo Crystal is currently on special offer down 20% to £71.99. It measures 100mm x 70mm x 60mm and is a good choice for displaying a photograph of a couple. A smaller alternative option is the Large Photo Crystal 3D. It measures 60mm x 60mm x 90mm and costs £69.99.

We make ordering as easy as possible. Photos and messages can be uploaded directly to our website when you order.  With so much choice we understand you may want some help before you finalise your selection.  Our customer service team can be contacted on 08448849679.

Pet Photo Crystal Keyring

Pet lovers can be difficult to buy presents for can’t they?  Perhaps a friend is tickled pink with her new puppy? Or a relative has just lost their cat of 19 years?  Well worry no more about finding the right gift. We think we have the perfect present to mark a celebration or memorial or as a surprise.

Our pet photo crystal keyring is a classic gift for anyone looking for a tasteful pet themed gift. We know there are vast numbers of kitsch pet themed gifts. But what if you want something personalised? Or long lasting? Or classically styled?

That’s where our key ring for animal lovers comes in. Whether you’re buying a gift for someone who is mad about a maine coon or a mynah bird or a special mongrel our pet photo key ring delights pet owners.

The secret?  Our key ring enables you to create a personalised gift for a pet lover. Pet Photo Keyring Each gift is unique because it’s based on a special photo of a pet. We turn the photo into a 3D image etched inside a piece of crystal.  That’s right. We turn 2D photos into 3D images using advanced laser technology and the skill of our artists. Not only are the results incredibly true to life but the key ring itself is a high quality gift.  This is definitely a gift to remember.

Have you ever known a pet owner with too many photos of their pet? Exactly. But these days sadly digital photos come and go. Our pet photo crystal key ring is an opportunity to turn a photo onto into a memorable, sturdy gift that will outlast the original photo. Delight your pet-owning friends and relatives with their favourite photo etched into crystal. And what could be more practical than a key ring?

Each key ring costs just £15.99. The price covers 3D conversion of a photo of one pet, your choice of message engraved and even delivery. What’s not to love?  Upload your choice of photo and message directly to our website for hassle free ordering.