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Laser Photo Crystal

Have you ever seen a laser photo crystal? There’s really nothing quite like it. We’re not talking caricature. We are talking about a “true to life” representation of your favourite photo and hence favourite person, people or pet. A lifelong keepsake.

Let us explain.

We create crystal gifts based on a laser etched representation of your photograph. Typically these days we are working with your digital photos, but we can use old-style photos if they are in reasonable condition. This process involves the latest digital technology. Our standard photo crystals create a lifelike representation. Our special 3D crystals create 3D images from 2D crystal. In other words you see your favourite image as you have never seen it before. 3D crystals can’t be done by machine alone. Our in-house artists do the clever bits.

As a business we’re well established – just check out our online reviews on Google.  These days we probably offer the most extensive range of photo crystals you’ll find anywhere backed up by our superior service including free delivery!

The price of each crystal also includes your choice of engraved message. There is a large range to choose from, and you’ll sometimes find selected products on special offer. We know from feedback customers typically buy a photo crystal as a gift but then come back to buy one for themselves. Or two…

Our photo crystals come in small, medium and large sizes so there’s bound to be a design that suits your photo and your budget. Small crystals start at just £8.99 and are perfect for a portrait photo. Styles include key rings, key chains and pendants. At the moment there’s 50% off our photo engraved USB Drive. Medium and large crystals come in a variety of shapes including heart, diamond, landscape and portrait. Some are a block style others are tapered in shape so thicker at the bottom than the top.

We’re not supposed to have favourites of course. But we do like the Large Crystal Photo Frame Slimline. It’s on offer just now down from £45.99 and £41.99. This crystal can be illuminated by light, to create a very dramatic effect. We also like the medium Diamond Block 60 x 60 x 60 – 2D Photo.  At just £27.99 it’s a steal! Browse our full range and check back often for offers!

Which Photo Crystal?

Which photo crystal will you choose? A friend has suggested you check out our photo crystal or you’ve been searching online for unusual gifts or party favors. It’s likely you’ve never seen anything quite like our range of crystals. We’re here to help you pick the best one.

To be honest, all our medium photo crystals work well in any interior. Long lasting and classy, crystals vary by size, thickness and shape.  Whichever one you choose, the crystal will be unique to you because it will have your photo laser etched into the crystal. The price of all photo crystals includes digitising your photo, choice of message to be engraved, and postage.

The Heart Photo Crystal with Stand at £59.99 is the perfect romantic gift, but if you’re looking for a crystal for a relative or pet mad daughter other crystals will probably be more suitable. Our Diamond Block 60mm x 60mm x 60mm 2D Crystal is another interesting shape. It works well for displaying a single portrait and costs £27.99.

One crystal that will take two images is the Glass Photo Crystal. A landscape design measuring 80 x 40 x 15 mm this designed includes an integral crystal base. The price of £39.99 includes your choice of engraved message.

We also have two tapered designs. The Tapered Photo Crystal Landscape at £19.99 and the Small Wedge shape Photo Crystal – Portrait, also £19.99. The landscape design is quite large at 80mm x 60 mm x 25 mm and suits a group photo while the portrait style shows off a single pet or portrait photo very well.

Still undecided? We’ve been saving the best to last! Our Classic Photo Crystal is one of our top three best sellers. Sized 60mm x 80mm x 30mm it has a solid chunky feel and is popular among party favors buyers and those looking for a simple design for a birthday or anniversary gift. At £24.99 the price includes photo editing (removing background), printing, and delivery plus your choice of message.  It works really well for a portrait or pet photo and has a timeless quality to the design, appealing to young and old alike.

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