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Gifts for Mums to Be

For mums to be there can be few moments more special than a first or second scan. It’s not surprising then it’s become common for prospective mums to buy or be given photos of their baby’s scan.  Here’s where we come in: We can turn baby scan photos into memorable gifts.

It works like this. We turn baby scan photos into crystal gifts. We use the latest digital technology to etch a photo in 2D or 3D inside a crystal object.  Our photo crystals capture all the detail of the original photo and are a fantastic way to display scan photos.

Our range of crystals includes everything from 3D crystals to small, medium and large photo crystals and photo gifts.

3D crystals turns a 2D photo into a 3D photo object giving unusual depth to photos.

Small, medium and large 2D photo crystals come in various shapes and prices to suit all budgets.

Popular selections for creating a baby scan photo crystal include our medium sized Glass Photo Crystal or the larger Laser Photo Frame Landscape.

The Glass Photo Crystal is a sophisticated landscape design and it comes complete with a crystal base, making the crystal easy to display.  Measuring 80 x 40 x 15mm, this is the perfect size for a 5 or 6cm baby scan photo.  A text message can also be engraved on the crystal at no extra charge. It costs £34.99 and delivery is free in the UK. Click here to view our glass photo crystal that will fit baby scan images.

The larger alternative, the Laser Photo Frame (Large) – Landscape is an elegant design being slightly narrower at the top than the bottom and measures 150mm x 100mm x 30mm (15mm at the top).  A free message can also be engraved on this crystal. Priced at £49.99, this includes photo, artwork and text preparation. Click here to view the large photo crystal.

Personalised Mother’s Day Gifts to Buy Online

Savvy shoppers know they can find unusual gifts online. And so it is with our personalised photo crystals and gifts: Perfect for Mother’s Day.  If you’re looking for something to surprise and delight your mother or mother-in-law, we have the answer. We have options to suit all budgets, with prices starting at less than £10.

If you’ve not come across photo crystals before, here’s a quick rundown. We harness the power of laser technology to turn your photos into 2D and 3D gifts. Typically these are made from crystal, but we also a stock a range of small personalised gifts. This means you can turn a memorable photo into something really special.  There’s also an option to add a free engraved message to most gifts bar the smallest. Even if we do say so ourselves there’s nothing quite like our crystals anywhere else on the planet!

We also make buying online straightforward and our customer service is second to none. Just check out our feedback on Google.

We group our photo crystals according to size. You’ll find Small, Medium and Large ranges.   Your choice will probably depend on your budget and the subject matter of the photo.  The smallest crystals work well for a shot of one head. There’s more flexibility on subject matter with the larger sizes.

Our Small crystals include our charming Crystal Heart Pendant – Engraved and the Small Heart Keyring – Without Light. These cost £15.99 and £8.99 respectively.  photo pendantThe pendent comes with its own velvet pouch and is suitable for a single face photo. It measures 21mm x 23mm by only 8mm. The Keyring can incorporate an engraved message and is also suitable for a single face photo. It measures 20mm x 30mm by only 15mm.

Other products in the Small crystals range include a Round Keyring and Round Keyring with Laser Photo and LED Light.

Our Medium and Large crystals work for single, couple or group photos depending on the crystal chosen. For example, the medium Glass Photo Crystal is £34.99. Its landscape shape makes it possible to incorporate a photo of two heads or more. This crystal measures 80mm x 40mm by 15mm.  Bigger still is the Large Photo Frame (Landscape). At £49.99 this style can easily incorporate a group photo. It measures 150mm x 100mm x 30mm (15mm at the top).

If you find you’re having difficulty narrowing your selection for your perfect personalised Mothers Day gift please speak to our customer service team. Delivery is free within the UK and overseas shipping starts at just £8.