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How to Take Amazing Summer Holiday Photos

June 21st marked the longest day of the year and the official first day of Summer, and the team here at InCrystals couldn’t be more excited with the warmer weather, relaxing evenings and long afternoons spent in the park (or on the patio!).

Summer also often means a chance to spend more time with our family, friends and loved ones, and many people choose to gather up their clan and head off on a holiday to take advantage of the lovely temperatures and longer evenings. With countless people flocking off the vacation destinations both local and exotic, our facebook and instagram accounts are often flooded with the photos that people snap while travelling.

With the advent of digital photography and powerful camera phones, we are taking more photos than ever of our children, our vacations and even our food! But how can you make sure that your holiday photos are unique, attractive and widely appreciated by your friends and social media followers?

Whether you are at home or abroad, here are our top three tips for taking the perfect summer vacation photos this year.

  1. Avoid static shots of the family posing in front of a landmark. Instead of the same tired old shot of the gang posed in front of the Eifel Tower, consider a photo of the kids trying a raw oyster for the first time, sampling some sorbet or gorging on brie and baguettes in a nearby square. Better yet – snap a pic of the little ones (and big ones!) playing a game of pick up footie with the local enfants – that is sure to evoke wonderful memories.
Slurping up some sorbet!
  1. Get up close and personal. Everyone has the same shot of Big Ben from trip to London, but only you can catch the wonder of your little one’s eyes as they stare up at it for the first time. Avoid the ‘big picture’- focus in on small architectural details and sneaky close ups of your family enjoying them.
  2. Take photos of the locals being…. Local! A flower seller in India? A fishmonger at an Italian market? A passionate tour guide in London? These visages will remind you of the place you visited far more than any anonymous postcard shot ever will.
Stunning flowers in Pushkar, India

Once you have returned home from your summer holiday and have a chance to reflect and review your photos, consider turning your favourites into timeless memories with an InCrystal 3D photo block. Your family will love seeing their antics depicted in stunning crystal, and you will love the memories it evokes – until you start planning next year’s vacation!

Four Great Personalised gifts for dog lovers

It’s A Doggone World!

The bond between a dog and its owner is unlike any other – dogs are called “man’s best friend” for a reason! Dog lovers often want a memento that reminds them of their canine friend while they are apart or to bring a smile to their face after Fido passes.

If you have someone in your life who loves their dog above all else (or if you yourself are the ultimate canine lover), the perfect gift is one that includes an image of their favourite furry pal. There are loads of options out there that are unique, special and endearing and a lot more creative than simply ironing a decal on a tee shirt! Here is a list of lovely gift ideas for any dog lover in your life.

1. Stunning and Lifelike – A 3D Photo Crystal
Advances in digitised photo technology have paved the way for amazing personalised gifts never before possible. One of the most beautiful and meaningful options out there are 3D Photo Crystals printed with photo real images of loved ones, friends, family – and of course, dogs! Available in loads of shapes and sizes (and even on a keychain) you can choose your best doggy photo and have it etched into glass. The result is a timeless, stunning memento that looks amazing on a desk, shelf or mantelpiece and regularly reminds the recipient of their canine companion for years to come.
A stunning image of man’s best friend.


2. Bringing them back to life – A 3D model of your dog
Companies are popping up online that allow you to turn your dog’s picture into a fully detailed 3D model in many sizes, perfect for bringing your pet back to life after they pass away. From a small model that can sit on a desk to a full sized, life like replica, this gift is ideal for any dog lover.

3. Keep them close to your heart – a personalised photo crystal necklace
An engraved photo pendant can be a beautiful and touching way to remember a favourite dog, whether they are still with us or passed away. By digitally etching a realistic photo of your dog onto a heart shaped, oval or square pendant and affixing it to a gold chain or other necklace, you can create an elegant and meaningful gift for any dog lover.

Crystal Heart Pendant - Engraved
A photo pendant like this can be customised to include your beloved dog


4. Make a special cup of tea – a photo mug
Having a photo of your friend with their beloved dog (or their dog alone) printed onto a coffee mug or travel thermos is a sweet and interesting way to give them a gift they won’t forget. Most photo developers, larger chemists and camera shops can easily do this transfer in a few hours or overnight.

These are just four of the fantastic gifts you can create for your dog loving friends – do you have any other great ideas? Leave your suggestions in the comments below.

Three Fantastic Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s one of our favourite times of year – a chance to clap Dad on the back and thank him for all that he does for us! Whether your Father’s Day plans include a trip to the sea for some good old fish and chips or a wander down to the pub to sip a few pints of ale, it’s always nice to gift your hardworking Dad with something utterly unique and interesting gifts on this annual day of thanks.

Forget the ties this year – here are three fantastic gift ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day:

A chance to brew his own beer: Craft beer is making a huge comeback all over the UK, and while some would argue that it never left, there is no denying the trendiness of U-Brew beer breweries popping up all over the country. Our favourite is UBrew – located in the railway arches of the Bermondsey Beer Mile in Southeast London. They have dozens of choices to choose from, myriad pricing levels and the friendly staff will always be happy to help your dear old dad determine if he fancies a porter, an IPA or asaison this summer.

U Brew Father's Day
Let Dad flex his brewing muscles

A photo like no other: Your father’s finest creation? You, of course! Give him the best gift a child can give a parent this Father’s Day and jazz up a picture of yourself, a beloved pet or even a photo of your Dad celebrating a happy moment. Pictures in frames are lovely, but new technologies allow photo studios to really kick things up a notch and present photos in an entirely new way. InCrystals is one such company that will etch your favourite photographs onto beautiful crystal blocks in a 3D effect. Any father would love to see this on his desk, mantle piece or even out in the tool shed – a brilliant reminder of his favourite person – you! 3D Crystal gifts are an amazing and unique idea, no matter what time of year.

Incrystals 3D Photo
His finest work of art…

An interesting Walking Tour: Let’s face it – most dads love history! A stroll through the heritage of your town is a great way to spend some time together with your father while you treat him to a hands on history lesson. Some of our top recommendations are a dark and spooky Jack the Ripper tour through the East End of London, a phenomenal walk into the history of Viking York or a Foodies walking tour through Edinburgh or London.

No matter what gift you choose for your beloved Dad, just the very act of letting him know that you love him and want him to enjoy his day is truly the best gift you can ever give him.

Sweet Memories

Sweet Memories- Why we love photos of loved ones

There is no denying that we love to look at photos of our loved ones. A picture of our beloved child, kid sister or even our favourite pet can elicit a warm sense of well being and a pleasing sense of nostalgia, and can transport us instantly back to an event in our in past. Perhaps these reasons are why so many of us keep a wall or table full of framed family photographs – it simply feels good to see their smiling faces shining back down at us.

Psychologists have long known that showing individuals – even very young babies or profoundly disabled people – photographs of their family and friends is a fantastic way to make them feel happy with very little effort. This strategy is often used in laboratory settings when studies require their subjects to be in a positive frame of mind.

According to a recent study on the positive emotional affects of self- selected photos, “your own photo album (or Facebook timeline, or Flickr account) might be the best pick-me-up when you’re feeling down.” Marquette University PhD student Kathleen E Hazlett recently presented her work at a Washington, DC conference, and she asserted that “when compared to the standard positive images,” that participants were shown, their own “personal photos induced emotions that were more positive and more robust” than the generic images of happy scenes featuring scenes in which they knew no one.

It is clear that our brains prefer to look at the faces of people who we adore, particularly when they are engaged in activities that they enjoy or are commemorating meaningful life events. When you love a person there is no doubt that you love to see their face and be reminded of their presence.

While it is always pleasing to see images of those that we love, it can be particularly poignant when they are physically separated from us by great distance. Many people in the UK have family and friends living abroad, and a carefully selected photo memento can be the perfect way to bring that subtle smile to their face when they pass the image. In addition to helping us remember those who have moved away, a cherished photo reminder can also commemorate the death of a loved one in a comforting and meaningful way.

While a framed and enlarged photograph set in complementary matting can be a beautiful way to present a cherished memento, there are far more creative ways to preserve the image of a loved one for display. Consider having your favourite nostalgic photo made into 3D Photo Crystal ornament that you can place on a shelf, an end table or on your desk at work.

We know that the images of those that we love make us feel happy, and so do things that we find beautiful. 3D Photo Crystals combine both of these aspects for the ultimate in memorabilia and style – email us today to find out more.