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Looking for a great gift? 3D Photo Crystal With Wooden Stand

3D Photo Crystal With Wooden Stand
                   3D Photo Crystal With Wooden Stand

It is not always easy to choose a great gift that is meaningful and attractive. You have probably spent countless hours scanning internet sites, shopping malls and high streets looking for the perfect gift for a special birthday, a wedding present or Father’s Day gift, only to turn up empty handed.


Thankfully, we are happy to showcase this stunning 3D Photo Crystal With Wooden Stand. Using modern engraving technology, the team here at Incrystals can engrave a photo of your loved ones, pets or even a celebrity onto a 3D Crystal cube. Once placed on a contemporary wooden stand, the results are attractive, life like and truly special – your recipient will be thrilled with the magical gift that they receive.


Available in countless sizes, specifications and photo combinations, this 3D Photo Crystal With Wooden Stand will make a smart, stylish and endearing keepsake for anyone in your life.


The gift for anyone on the go – a personalised portable power bank

Personalised engraved power bank
A personalised power bank – the perfect gift

We have all been there – out and about for an entire day only to start feeling that creeping panic as you see your smartphone’s battery level going down, down, down – until it is on its last few bars of power. Say goodbye to your GPS capabilities, your ability to text (and locate) your friends or family and your source of entertainment on the train – not to mention your personal and/ or business phone calls!

Thankfully, a new product has hit the market that is saving many people from this unneeded stress – portable power banks are a brilliant way to stay connected when you are out on the go.

Perfect for charging your smartphone and your tablet, getting your hands on one of these portable power banks just make good sense – keep one in your handbag or rucksack and you will never get caught out again.

As a gift, these power banks are always a huge hit. They strike a cool balance between whimsical and practical, and are all the more special when personalised for the recipient. That’s right – you can use our innovative crystal laser engraving process to add your loved one’s name and whatever photograph you wish to the clear section of the power bank.

Add a picture of their beloved pet, a grandchild, a film actor or even their own face – personalising your power bank gift will make it extra meaningful. Order one today – these are selling fast!

3D Crystal Gifts for the Star Wars Lovers in your Life!

The perfect gift for any Star Wars lover.
                 The perfect gift for any Star Wars lover.

We are all familiar with the famous Star Wars Jedi quote, “May the force be with you.” This iconic phrase has since come to be a friendly way to say farewell to friends, and is popular in pop culture – and of course, with huge Star Wars fans.

In the past few years, super fans have noticed that May 4th has special significance – as in, “May the Fourth Be With You.” Heralded as “Star Wars Day,” people dress up and attend events all across the globe to honour the creations of George Lucas.

As International Star Wars Day approaches, it is the perfect time to start considering a gift for the biggest SW fans in your life. Thankfully, Incrystals has a great idea for a May 4th gift – have your favourite character, logo or saying embedded into a stunning crystal. We can turn any photo into a 3D crystal – these are such a unique and exciting way to impress any Star Wars lover.

Simply choose your design, the size and shape that you want and get in touch – we will do the rest and send it to you in time for May the Fourth.

May the Force Be With You – and your crystal gifts!

How do they do that? 3D Laser Engraving

3D crystals - how do they work?
3D crystals – how do they work?

Transforming a 2 dimensional photograph or image into a 3D crystal is a wonderful way to create a stunning gift perfect for many different occasions, but have you ever wondered – “how do they do that?” Read ahead to learn exactly how we take your photo and convert it into a three dimensional, jaw dropping decoration.

The photo crystal process utilises a specially designed laser. This green laser focuses its beam of light into a highly precise point just below the surface of a flawless piece of solid crystal. The image’s bright points are plotted into the crystal, and the laser traces this design, its powerful pulse making a small void along the way. The laser then moves to the next point, and the next – and eventually enough of these points are created in order to represent the image.

The laser leaves no etching or marks on the actual surface – instead, this remarkable process embeds the design into the centre of the crystal and leave a smooth, glimmering exterior . When viewed from different angles, the light picks up endless features of your photograph – you will always see something new and beautiful.

These 3D crystals are so special – order one today and give the perfect gift for any occasion.

How to choose a great family photographer

Choosing a family photographer is important.
Choosing a great family photographer is important.

Whether you have a small baby or a large brood of kids, having professional photos taken of your family is a popular and meaningful thing to do. A well executed family portrait can be a cherished keepsake that you can hang in your home, keep in your wallet or turn into a lovely 3D crystal gift. Portraits and 3D crystals make the perfect gifts for grandparents, relatives and other loved ones, not to mention they look lovely in your own lounge, bedroom or office – providing you choose a great photographer.

Choosing the best photographer for your family can be a daunting task, and so here is a list of the top five things to look for in a family photographer.

  1. Reputation – As with many service providers, word of mouth is key when it comes to photography. Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations, and don’t just take their word for it – ask to look at the results.
  2. Personal Style – You might be after a very traditional portrait, or want something a lot more wild and creative. Ensure that you ask any potential photographer about their style, and ask to see their complete portfolio.
  3. Pet friendly – If you want to include your furry family members in your portrait, ensure that your photographer has experience with animals and is comfortable working with them.
  4. Discuss details – Creativity is important, but so too is customer service. Ensure that you specifically agree on time frame, the number of prints you will receive and retouching.
  5. Price – Photographers with different skill levels and equipment quality will charge different rates, and so finding one in your price range is important. Ensure that you agree on a price you can afford.

3 Brilliant Springtime Photography Ideas

Sunil - umbrellas

British Summer Time (BST) has finally arrived, and as the clocked leapt forward last weekend it is now time for longer days, more light and plenty of blooming buds across the UK. The spring is a lovely time to take photos of your children, pets and loved one, pictures that can be transformed into stunning engraved crystal gifts perfect for upcoming birthdays.

If you are planning to engage in a fun springtime photo shoot, here are some great ideas that will transform your family pics from amateur to out of this world!

1. Include some fresh flowers You only need to step outdoors to see the magical transformation taking place in the grass, gardens and trees – flowers are blooming everywhere. These natural stunners will provide the perfect backdrop for your photos. Consider positioning your new baby amongst some daffodils in the park, or catch your dog playing amidst the blooms in your garden; the colours will dazzle and convey the perfect spring freshness. Here is a great list of floral photography tips!

Sunil - girl and daisy.jpgHình_ảnh_mô_tả_dự_án

2. A rainy day is not a throwaway – Though we might all prefer sun, it is the rainy days of April and May that will sustain the natural beauty of the great outdoors through the heat of summer. A rainy day can be the perfect time to dress your family in wellies, raincoats and big colourful umbrellas – the contrast of their bright clothing against the grey of the skies will provide a gorgeous pop and look great as a 3D crystal.


3. Baby animals are afoot – Springtime also means that animals and birds are all giving birth, and adorable calves, foals, kids and piglets are all over the UK. Including some baby animals in your family photoshoot will add interest, fun and make for a great day out for your kids. Don’t live in the country? Not a problem – city farms all over the UK’s urban areas are the perfect place for an impromptu family shoot.