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Top Summer Photo Tips

A stunning portrait taken at dawn.
                                                                              A stunning portrait taken at dawn.


The summer is finally in full swing, and it is a great time to head out to the seaside, visit a park or go on a holiday to the lake. No matter where you go this summer, make sure you take your camera or iPhone so that you can snap beautiful photos of your family, friends and nature itself.

Here are our top three summer photo tips:

  1. Wake up early and catch the magical dawn light
    Nothing is as ethereal as the dawn hours during the summertime. If you want to take stunning photos with a hint of magic, wake the kids up early and set up a photoshoot in the early morning light.
  2. Try using a flash when taking portraits
    It may seem counterintuitive to use a flash when the light is at its brightest, but the summer sun can create unflattering lines and creases on people’s faces. Use your flash (or even better, a flash gun) and you can smooth out some of the harsh lines and capture a stunning summer portrait. A stunning portrait can then be used for a 3D Photo Crystal, a perfect way to hang on to the summer all year long.
  3. Focus on summer subjects
    Nothing says summer more than swimming, camping, bbq parties and days by the sea. Remember to capture photos of nature at its finest – these images will contextualise your family photo albums.

Archiving your photos



Has this ever happened to you? You go to snap a once in a lifetime photo and your phone tells you. “Cannot take photo. Insufficient storage space.” Usually the culprit is too many photos as many of us use our mobiles as our primary camera. Rather than using your mobile as a photo album learn how to archive your photos. You’ll free up space on your phone and have your memories handy in a safe accessible place.

First do a thorough cull of your photos. We all have random photos of screenshots and naff selfies taking up space in the recesses of our mobiles. This step will take some time but once you pare your collection down it will be much easier and inexpensive to store in the long run.

Next consider investing in a third-party cloud service, like the free Google Drive or Apple iCloud This is a quick and easy method to use and can be set up so that your phone will automatically upload new photos directly to storage. It saves space and time!

Once you’ve trimmed your collection down to the very best photos and ensured they are accessible and safe in an archive, it’s time to select your favourite memories for display. Services like Photobox will make prints of your photos or you can have your photos turned into a 3D crystal. These beautiful crystal gifts are perfect for displaying your most memorable photos.

3D crystals - how do they work?
3D crystals – how do they work?

How to make your summer holiday last all year

palm-tree-166738_1280Whether you’re enjoying a relaxing beach holiday or an action packed trip to an exciting destination you’ll want to preserve those once in a lifetime memories. Here’s how you can get the most out of your summer holiday this year:

Take time to plan. For many people, half the pleasure of travel lies in anticipation. If this sounds like you, give yourself lots of time to research and prepare for your trip. Make use of libraries and websites to really investigate your destination. You’ll feel like you’re on holiday for weeks before you’ve even packed your bags.

Keep a record. Busy holidays can feel like work especially when you rush from one activity to the next. Make sure you take time to slow down and preserve some of those exciting moments and beautiful landscapes. Recording your thoughts in a journal and taking photos will help you recall parts of your trip that you might have otherwise forgotten.

Share the memories. Even though your vacation may only last a week or so, you can extend that holiday feeling by sharing your adventure with friends and family. You can make an event of it with a slide show or have one of your holiday photos made into a 3D photo crystal. These attractive etched crystal gifts can be displayed on your mantle at home or on your office desk. A beautiful daily reminder of your holidays!