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Make this Christmas extra special with a Crystal Gift

Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations
                               Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations.

If you are thinking about decorating your home with special holiday cheer this season, you will likely put up a tree, festoon the place with twinkling lights and hang a wreath on your door. While these classic decorations are a lovely way to celebrate the festive season, there are many ways that you can decorate your home in an extra special way this Christmas.

Our favourite way to add a unique and special sense of holiday cheer to your home is to add some 3D photo gifts to your array of decorations. Rather than simply trim a tree or hang a garland, consider placing 3D crystals around your home, featuring some of your most treasured past Christmas memories.

Transform your favourite family photos from the past and present into 3D Crystals, etched with a picture perfect laser printed image. For Christmas, we love the Iceberg Photo Crystals, designed with the rough hewn edges of nature in mind.

Choose three or four favourite Christmas photos and you’ll have personalised home decorations for decades to come, perfect for your own home or as gifts to your friends and family.

Treat Yourself This Christmas!

Treat Yourself!
                                                                         Treat Yourself!

December is nearly here, and it is easy to get caught up in the flurry of holiday gift shopping. Whether you are shopping for Kwanzaa, HanukkahThree Kings Day or Christmas, you are likely lavishing your time and attention of others. Sometimes, to have a great holiday season, you need to treat yo’self!

Instead of spending all of your hard earned cash on friends, kids and parents, spend some of your lucre on some nice things for yourself!

If you want to remind yourself of your lovely family while treating yourself, consider having a gorgeous 3D photo crystal custom made to your specifications. Choose your favourite family portrait, a photo of a beloved niece or nephew, or even a cheeky self portrait! Send the photo to the team at Incrystals and within no time at all they will send you a stunning 3-dimensional crystal featuring a realistically etched portrait.

Perfect for setting on your desk, your night stand or in your living room as a decorative element, this is the ultimate ‘gift’ for yourself this holiday season! Want something more practical? Incrystals also creates necklaces, custom iPhone cases and even etched wine glasses.

Go on – Treat yo’self!

Christmas gift ideas for new parents

The best gifts for new parents.
                                            The best gifts for new parents.

As Christmas approaches and you start to write your shopping list, you might notice that you have some new parents to buy for. At this magical season, these new parents will likely be swept up with the joy of the season as they see Santa, the decorations and the giving spirit reflected back to them in the eyes of their newborn baby. That said, the months (and years!) after the birth of a wee one are a hectic and busy time, and so sometimes the best gifts you can give are the ones that will help them out around the house.

This Christmas, take our suggestions and get the new parents in your life a fantastic gift from the list below.

  1. A 3D Photo Crystal – Babies grow up so quickly, and that is why a 3D photo crystal gift can be a lovely gift for new mums and dads. Choose your favourite photo of the newborn baby and parents, and have it digitally engraved on a stunning crystal – timeless, elegant and meaningful.
  2. A voucher for a house cleaner – We all know that a new baby can be a huge time commitment, and so that is why voucher or gift certificate for a house cleaning service will be more than appreciated by any new parents!
  3. A massage – Every new mum and dad will be desperate for a few minutes of peace and relaxation, and so why not treat them to a much deserved massage? You can even choose Urban Massage – they’ll send experienced massage therapists right to their doorstep

Stocking Stuffer Ideas – A Personalised Photo Case

A personalised phone case makes the perfect stocking stuffer
                        A personalised phone case makes the perfect stocking stuffer

Filling your family’s stockings has got to be one of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas shopping – unlike the bigger, more serious gifts, stockings allow you to be a little more silly, a little more frivolous and a lot more fun!

While you are probably well stocked with mandarins to stuff down in the stocking’s toe, consider adding more than just chocolate and gag gifts to your loved one’s sock. A personalised iPhone or iPad case can be the perfect addition to any Christmas haul, a gift that is at once useful and meaningful.

Choose a favourite photo of you and your friends or a fun family pic and let your imagination run wild – they can keep their phone safe and protected while getting a reminder of good times. You can choose from a photo case for iPhone 6/6s, a clear snap case for iPhone 7 and our bestseller, a clear toughcase for Samsung Galaxy 7.

While we are more known for our gorgeous 3D photo crystals and other photo gifts, we are proud to add these phone cases to our collection. We know you’ll love them, too!

The best Christmas gifts for your Nan

Your nan will be overjoyed!
                                                                Your nan will be overjoyed!

Christmas is almost here, and it’s the time of year when you have to rack your brain for lovely gift ideas for all of the special people in your family. Mum likes a spa gift certificate, Dad enjoys a sampler of craft beers and your sister asked for some bath products from Lush – but what to get for your Nan?

Sure, you could always grab her a box of choccies from M&S or a handmade memento from a local craft sale, but your gran loves one thing more than anything else – her grandkids. Get her an engraved photo crystal that will put a smile on her face all year long.

Surprise your nan with a 3D photo gift
           Surprise your nan with a 3D photo gift

3D photo crystals make fantastic gifts for any grandmother, whether she lives around the corner or across the globe. Choose your favourite photo (contemporary or a sweet portrait from when you were wee) and let the skilled team at Incrystals take care of the rest. Simply upload your image and we’ll send you the finished product in record time.

Imagine your nan’s face when she opens such a thoughtful, meaningful and stunning gift – she’ll be in her glory. Happy Christmas, Nan!

Celebrate your pet this Christmas


Transform your beloved pet into a 3D photo crystal.
                            Transform your beloved pet into a 3D photo crystal.

Here at Incrystals, we love our pets – and we know that you love your pets as well! Whether you have a beloved dog, a precious cat or even an avian friend you cherish, the holiday season can be one of the nicest times of year.

There is something really special about spoiling our furry and feathered friends at Christmas time, and we especially love to dress our dogs and cats up in miniature Christmas jumpers, Santa hats and jingle bells on their collars.

If you love your pet, Christmas time can be on the best times of year to celebrate their unconditional love and attention. Whether you want to buy a special gift to yourself for your own home or you want to gift a fellow pet lover with something that will really make them smile,

Consider transforming your favourite pet’s photo into a 3D photo crystal – these unique crystal gifts will capture the personality of your dog or cat and look fantastic in your home.

Perfect for Christmas or anytime of year – a 3D photo crystal of your pet is a great choice.

The best Christmas gifts for wine lovers

Gifts for wine lovers!
                                                            Gifts for wine lovers!

The world loves wine! People all around the globe love to imbibe a glass of fine wine at the end of a long workday or to kickstart a celebratory event. Wine drinkers love nothing more than receiving a vino themed gift for Christmas – so here are our top 3 ideas of the best Christmas gifts for someone who loves a tipple!

  1. A membership to a wine club – If you really want to splash out at the end of the year and say ‘thank you’ to a friend, colleague or family member, consider signing them up for a wine delivery club and paying for their first six months or first year’s fees. They can enjoy a divine shiraz one month and a crisp sauv blanc the next – they’ll love you more than ever!

    Personalised engraved wine glasses - amazing
                                                    Personalised engraved wine glasses – an amazing gift.
  2. Personalised engraved wine glasses
    Want to really make an amazing impression? Engraved wine goblets with red wine from Incrystals will ‘wow’ your recipient – and the bottle of fine red that accompanies the glasses will make them truly happy. You can fully customise the glasses and make this gift unique, meaningful and appreciated.

    3. A full bottle wine glass

    This cheeky wine glass is emblazoned with the phrase, “Finally, a wine glass that fits my needs!” and it holds an entire bottle of wine. Perfect for everyone who loves a glass – or a bottle – of the good stuff.

Gifts that show you care

Feeling Down?
                                             Feeling Down?

Now that the clocks have been set back and the weather is often gloomy, many people across the UK are finding themselves in a bit of a slump. If you have a friend or a loved one who is suffering from grief, dealing with a rough spell or feeling down for any reason at all, sending a token or a gift can be a special way to show you care. Photo gifts, 3D crystals, laser engraved gifts and even an edible bouquet – these are perfect for cheering your recipient up.

Here are a few gift ideas that will show any one you care.

3D crystals - a great gift to cheer someone up
3D crystals – a great gift to cheer someone up
  1. Share a happy memory – Reminders of good times past are a great way to remind someone that you are there for them. Choose your favourite photo and have it transformed into a realistic 3D photo gift, a memento that will look wonderful on their mantle, desk or end table.
  2. Give something that they will see all the time – Creating a photo engraved keychain is another way to ensure that your friend or family member sees a happy memory all the time. A keychain is a great way to pack a big punch into a small package!
  3. Give an edible arrangement – When someone is feeling down, they might have a tendency to eat unhealthy foods – send an edible fruit arrangement to show them that you care while also ensuring that they get their 5 a day!