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Belated Christmas Gifts – It’s not too late!

Don't worry! It's not too late.
Don’t worry! It’s not too late.

Ok, ok – we’ve all been there. It’s a week past Christmas, and you forgot to send a gift to someone important on your list! Maybe you weren’t even planning to buy them anything at all, but you are seeing your aunt/cousin/old friend at a New Year’s Eve party and you think that maybe you should bring something along?

No problem. At Incrystals, we have you covered. If you missed the mad Christmas rush, it’s ok – we can still have a fantastic personalised Christmas gift in your mailbox within just a few days, perfect as a token for anyone on your list.

The personalised touch of an Incrystals gift will go a long way to mending any hurt feelings that your gift is late! How about a set of engraved wine glasses, perfect for any home chef? Maybe a 3D crystal gift is a better idea? Or, you could even choose a fully customised photo iPhone case decorated with a picture of you and the recipient. The sky is the limit!

Even if you are late with the gift, you’ll impress anyone with a personalised crystal gift. Relax – and enjoy!

Hannukah Gifts for your family

This year, the first night of Hannukah falls on December 24, and continues across 8 nights until January 1, coinciding with the Christian cultural celebrations taking place all around the UK.

Buying a different gift for your loved ones for each night of Hannukah does not have to be stressful or even too expensive. As this is the Festival of Lights, why not treat your children or your parents to a glittering crystal gift? The 3D crystals from Incrystals will catch the candle light and reflect it marvellously across the room – beautiful!

Perfect for Hannukah
                                 Perfect for Hannukah

Some of our favourite choices include the small 3D photo crystal, engraved with a personal message and an etched photo of your choice. These gifts are incredibly meaningful, and are sure to make everyone smile with the joy of the season.

A personalised engraved photo pendant.
                                     A personalised engraved photo pendant.

Since you have 8 nights of gifts to buy, perhaps you want something a little bit more affordable? Then order one of our crystal photo pendants, a great gift for any girls or women on your list.

A great bargain at £9.99
                                                    A great bargain at £9.99

Prefer something a little bit more practical and under £10? No problem – these engraved photo crystal keychains are ideal for everyone in your life.

Happy Hannukah!


Christmas Gifts too good to give away

Some gifts are too good to give away
                                           Some gifts are too good to give away

Every now and then, when you start shopping for the holidays you soon discover that the shops and websites are filled with dozens of cool seasonal gifts that would look even better in your closet or in your home decor scheme that they would look wrapped up under the tree!

This time of year is a brilliant time to find great gifts for friends, family – and yourself! Here are some of our favourites.

  1. 3D Printer Pen – Always wanted to see how a 3D printer works and let your creative imagination run wild? This Christmas could be just the time. Pick up the 3Doodler, the world’s first 3D printing pen. 
  2. A 3D photo crystal – On the Incrystals site choosing some lovely 3D photo crystal gifts for your friends and family? Now is the perfect time to snag one for yourself. Choose your favourite meaningful photo and have it etched into a 3D photo cube perfect for your bookshelf or desk at work.
  3. A party ‘puzzleboard‘- This ingenious Dutch invention will change the way that you throw a party. A wooden board that has a built in wine holder, allowing partygoers to schmooze easily while they booze and snack!
  4. A monthly flower delivery service – Perhaps you have purchased some subscription gifts for your loved ones, and now it is time to treat yourself! Bloom and Wild will deliver a monthly bouquet of gorgeous flowers to your home, meaning you’ll always be surrounded by lovely blooms.

What makes a great Christmas gift?

The perfect Christmas gift?
                                                                                     The perfect Christmas gift?

When it comes time to buy gifts and presents for your loved ones, we all want to do the best we can and choose something that will really make them happy. That said, it can be hard to know where to start – should you go with something funny, practical or maybe even stick to cold, hard cash?

Here are some of the characteristics of what makes a great Christmas gift.

  1. Meaningful – When you are choosing a Christmas gift for your mum, dad or spouse, think about giving them something that will really be meaningful for years to come. Consider incorporating a special photo – 3D photo crystals can be a wonderful way to remind your loved one of good memories.
  2. Attractive – Make sure that you choose something that looks great in your recipient’s home – a glittering crystal gift will look gorgeous when it catches the light. 3D photo crystals make the perfect gift.
  3. Useful – Would your recipient prefer something a bit more practical and useful around the house? Consider a set of custom engraved wine glasses or a personalised photo phone case.

A gift that combines these three attributes will be the perfect Christmas present for anyone on your list. Merry Christmas!

5 Reasons Why We Love Christmas

Heart shaped christmas tree ball with chain of lights

Here at Incrystals, we love the Christmas Season and we want to take this time to tell you why! Here are the Top 5 Reasons why we think Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year.

  1. Mulled wine and minced pies – The spices and the flavours of Christmas are warming, festive and simply delicious. Cloves, ginger, cinnamon and nutmeg – yum!
  2. Seeing our customers’ amazing photos – In the lead up to Christmas, we get heaps of orders for 3D photo crystals as gifts, and that means that we get to admire our customers’ lovely photos! Customised 3D photo crystals make a great gift – you still have time to order in time for the big day!
  3. Spending time with friends and family – Whether its down at our family homes or out at the pub with neighbours, the extra time to spend with loved ones is one of the best things about the holidays.
  4. Seeing children’s faces light up with joy – Christmas is never so magical as when you are able to see the joy and wonder on the faces of little ones. Capture these fleeting looks on camera and create customised photo crystals for next year!
  5. The classic tunes – From ‘Last Christmas’ to ‘I wish it could be Christmas every day’ and the old Rat Pack classics, nothing gets us in the holiday spirit as much as the classic Christmas songs.

Turning your photos into perfect Christmas decorations

Christmas photo crystals make perfect decorations
                                       Christmas photo crystals make the perfect decorations

Family photos taken around the Christmas tree or the mistletoe can be one of the nicest mementos of the festive season, allowing you to reminisce for many years to come. Chronicling your little one’s growth during the holidays can be a lovely tradition that will reward you for the rest of your life.

Not only will these photos help you to remember the peace, warm feelings and happiness of the season, but they can also make lovely seasonal decorations. You can turn photos of your family and friends into gorgeous Christmas decorations, perfect for setting on the mantle or around the tree every year.

Transforming a Christmas time photo of your children with Santa or of you and your spouse into an engraved photo gift. A stunning 3D photo crystal will glint and glitter in the light of your twinkling Christmas lights, and the realistic and festive photo will get everyone into the Christmas Season.

Available in a variety of shapes and sizes, 3D photo crystals are the perfect way to celebrate the holidays for many years to come. Not only do they make a perfect gift, they will truly help to light up your life this Christmas. Happy Holidays!t

3 Personalised Stocking Stuffers under £15

Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for someone on your ‘nice’ list this Christmas? We have 3 ideas for perfect personalised stocking stuffers, all under £15.

A great bargain at £9.99
                                               A great bargain at £9.99
  1. Photo crystal keychain – Choose a meaningful, funny or cute photo and have it engraved onto a stylish crystal keychain – all for £9.99!

    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
  2. A crystal heart pendant – Give the gift of love with an engraved crystal heart pendant, and choose a gorgeous photo for your recipient to always wear next to their heart.

    A personalised engraved zippo lighter
                         A personalised engraved zippo lighter
  3. A personalised Zippo lighter – Perfect for a smoker or someone who loves to camp or light candles, a personalised engraved Zippo lighter is a bargain at only £9.99.

Unique gifts for people who love to cook


Perfect gifts for home cooks
                                                             Perfect gifts for home cooks

Looking for a fantastic Christmas gift for those in your life who love to eat, drink and be merry? Here are some great gift ideas for anyone who loves to cook and enjoy delicious food.

  1. Personalised wine glassesThis wine glass gift set, from the engraving experts at Incrystals, is perfect for those who love pairing fine wine with good food. You can choose to personalise these wine glasses with names, dates or simply a fun message. Similarly, they offer a completely personalised highball gift set, perfect for anyone who loved mixology and cocktails.
  2. Herb scissors – Fresh herbs add so much flavour, vibrancy and life to any dish, and a set of herb scissors make the perfect stocking stuffer for any home cook.
  3. Artisanal salts – Jazz up any recipe with flavoured artisanal salts – truffled, Tunisian heat and smoked salt will all make any dish its very best.
  4. Molecular gastronomy kit – Does your recipient fancy getting scientific in the kitchen? This molecular gastronomy kit will allow them to combine food, science and art.

Don’t leave your Christmas shopping until the last minute!


We’ve all done it – counted down the days before Christmas without actually getting our shopping completed – or even started! While arguably easier said than done, if you have a long list of gifts to buy for your family and friends, don’t leave it until the last minute.

Your holiday season will be imminently more enjoyable if you get your tasks and errands out of the way early in December – finish your shopping now and you can throw on your Christmas jumper, fill your glass with mulled cider and get fully into the spirit of the season.

Don’t want to head to the crowded shops and busy malls? Online shopping is one of the best innovations of modern life – take full advantage of your ability to get your Christmas list completed from the comfort of your own home.

Looking for something unique, beautiful and meaningful to give to your friends and family? Try a stunning crystal gift from the team at Incrystals. Transform any photograph into a 3D photo crystal gift that is sure to wow and impress anyone on your list.

There is still plenty of time to order in time for Christmas – but don’t leave it too late! Order a crystal gift now and spend the rest of December on easy street. Happy Holidays!