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Photo Crystals: The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and for many people out there that means a trip to the mall or the high street to search for something special to give to their partner. This usually means one of a few options – a box of chocolates, a bouquet of roses or a stuffed animal festooned in hearts and sappy phrases.

This year, why not dare to be different? Get your husband, wife or lover something that shows them you care in a unique way; a gift that is meaningful, considerate and has an intimate personal connection to your relationship. Flowers and chocolate (while nice) can simply not compare to the beauty and originality of a Photo Crystal.

Valentine's Day photo gift

3D Photo Crystals utilise modern laser technology in order to etch a picture onto a shimmering crystal surface. Instead of hanging a family portrait or wedding photo on the wall, photo crystals allow you to display your most romantic memories in a new way – even as a gorgeous heart shaped pendant she’ll love to wear. Your personal photo will be all the more stunning as the light reflecting through its textured, multi dimensional surfaces.

Valentine’s Day is all about celebrating love, courtship and the harmony of romantic relationships – giving a Photo Crystal as a gift on February 14th will help you and your love to do just that.

Go ahead – make this year’s celebrations truly special and choose a truly beautiful Photo Crystal gift.


Three Fantastic Gift Ideas for Father’s Day

It’s one of our favourite times of year – a chance to clap Dad on the back and thank him for all that he does for us! Whether your Father’s Day plans include a trip to the sea for some good old fish and chips or a wander down to the pub to sip a few pints of ale, it’s always nice to gift your hardworking Dad with something utterly unique and interesting gifts on this annual day of thanks.

Forget the ties this year – here are three fantastic gift ideas for your Dad this Father’s Day:

A chance to brew his own beer: Craft beer is making a huge comeback all over the UK, and while some would argue that it never left, there is no denying the trendiness of U-Brew beer breweries popping up all over the country. Our favourite is UBrew – located in the railway arches of the Bermondsey Beer Mile in Southeast London. They have dozens of choices to choose from, myriad pricing levels and the friendly staff will always be happy to help your dear old dad determine if he fancies a porter, an IPA or asaison this summer.

U Brew Father's Day
Let Dad flex his brewing muscles

A photo like no other: Your father’s finest creation? You, of course! Give him the best gift a child can give a parent this Father’s Day and jazz up a picture of yourself, a beloved pet or even a photo of your Dad celebrating a happy moment. Pictures in frames are lovely, but new technologies allow photo studios to really kick things up a notch and present photos in an entirely new way. InCrystals is one such company that will etch your favourite photographs onto beautiful crystal blocks in a 3D effect. Any father would love to see this on his desk, mantle piece or even out in the tool shed – a brilliant reminder of his favourite person – you! 3D Crystal gifts are an amazing and unique idea, no matter what time of year.

Incrystals 3D Photo
His finest work of art…

An interesting Walking Tour: Let’s face it – most dads love history! A stroll through the heritage of your town is a great way to spend some time together with your father while you treat him to a hands on history lesson. Some of our top recommendations are a dark and spooky Jack the Ripper tour through the East End of London, a phenomenal walk into the history of Viking York or a Foodies walking tour through Edinburgh or London.

No matter what gift you choose for your beloved Dad, just the very act of letting him know that you love him and want him to enjoy his day is truly the best gift you can ever give him.

Gifts for Cat Lovers

If you’re looking for gifts for the cat lovers in your life look no further than our Pet 3D Crystals. gifts for cat loversHave you noticed the way cats have taken over the internet?  Invariably, cat lovers have either got hard drives jammed packed with photos or their photo collection (and there will be one) is stuffed into shoe boxes. Thankfully, there’s a better way to display a favourite cat photo.

Our 3D Pet Crystals turn a 2D photo into a 3D crystal.  In turn, our 3D crystals make contemporary and meaningful gifts, displaying a photo in a way not seen before. Whether you’re looking for a birthday gift, a surprise or even a pet memorial, our 3D crystals allow a favourite photo to be preserved and displayed. A perfect gift for a cat lover whether they are owned by a moggy or a Maine Coon!

Here’s how it works. We use the latest digital technology to laser etch the photo onto a 3D crystal. Our talented artists do the rest.  The process breathes new life into photos, as the photo is displayed in a never-before-seen 3D perspective.  The resulting 3D Pet Crystal is self-standing, and can be displayed anywhere in the house. Whereas many traditional gifts for cat people are twee, our crystals are gifts people want to display. The hard part is deciding which photo to use. Ideally, our technicians work with digital photos but can also work from hard copy. For old photos, we ask that you contact us first.  Our customers rave about the quality of our crystals – just check out our feedback on Google. We know many customers order gifts then come back to treat themselves! Why not?

We’ve assembled a range of 3D crystals that work especially well for pet photos. These are the 3D Converted Crystal – Pet, 3D Converted Diamond Crystal – Pet, and 3D Pet Photo – Large.  We recommend using a photo of the cat’s head. You’ll be amazed at the detail picked up in the 3D crystal. All prices include 3D conversion charges for 1 pet, a satin lined gift box and your choice of short message engraved onto the crystal. For some designs LED stands that let light flow through the crystal are available to buy separately. Postage is free within the UK.

Ordering is easy. Just upload your chosen digital photo when ordering.

Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Being together to celebrate a golden wedding anniversary puts you (or your parents) in a very select group.  Although other wedding anniversaries are marked with cards and gifts, a golden anniversary is the “biggie”.

Whether you’re planning to hold a family party or go out for a meal, Golden Wedding Anniversary Giftscelebrations typically include giving golden wedding gifts. It’s not possible to reach a golden anniversary until at least 66 years of age.  It’s often said, people of a certain age have everything they could possibly need. So inevitably, the question is what to buy someone for a 50th wedding anniversary gift?

Our view is special anniversaries need special gifts. A lifetime of memories can be celebrated with one of our unique crystal gifts. We specialise in creating 3D or 2D crystal gifts from your special photos. Using advanced technology our lasers can turn your two dimensional photo into a 3D crystal object. See your photos in a whole new light. The technology we use means the end results are absolutely true to the original photo.  But don’t just take our word for it. Our customers say, they are amazed at how true to life (well, photo) our crystals are.

Of course, you’re welcome to browse our site for golden wedding gift ideas.  But, here are some options from our best sellers.

Let’s start with our 3D range. In some cases it’s possible to combine more than one photo. That aside, here are the crystals that work well for a close-up photo of two people. The Large Photo Crystal 3D is a rectangular crystal measuring 60mm x 60mm x 90mm. At £79.99 the price includes artwork and engraving your choice of message on the crystal and a gift box. It’s also worth adding we can sometimes work with older photographs that pre-date digital cameras. The end result is part dependent on the condition of your photo. Call us for a chat about your photo.  Of course, digital photos can be uploaded when you make your order.

Other options include the Extra Large 3D Photo Crystal currently on special offer, down 20%, to £71.99. It measures 100mm x 70mm x 60mm. Perfect for a close-up of two faces. Again, the price includes engraving, lift box and art work. Alternatively, the Super  Size 3D Photo Crystal is also on offer at £87.99. It’s huge – 130mm x 80mm x 80mm. It works really well for 3 faces but we only have limited stock – so hurry.

Click here to browse our Golden Wedding Anniversary Gifts

Engraved Wedding Gifts

Engraved wedding gifts are popular wedding presents but it can be difficult to find something truly unique. But if you’re looking for an elegant, long lasting engraved present look no further than our range of crystal frames and block crystals.

These are no ordinary crystals of course. Large 3D CrystalWe turn special photos into unique engraved gifts. A photo captures a special moment.  We turn these special moments into a long lasting and memorable gift. It works something like this. Using advanced technology we are able to laser etch photos into a crystal in 3D or 2D.  Each crystal can also be engraved with your choice of message.  For weddings, couples names and the wedding date are popular engravings.

Our crystal frames can be ordered with any message. These are the perfect way to show off a photo and preserve the moment.  And of course because each photo is unique, no two crystal frames are the same. Choose from our Elite Crystal frame (£39.99) or Large Crystal Photo frame with LED Base- Slimline (£52.99). These display photos laser etched into the crystal frame in 2D. The Elite Crystal measures 50mm x 80mm x 50mm.  Your choice of message is engraved free of charge and the photo can be set in a portrait or landscape style. The Large Crystal Photo frame with LED base is a landscape style photo frame and measures 150mm x 100mm x 9mm. The lighting enhances the engraving and any message can be engraved.

Also suitable as wedding gifts are our 3D block crystals.  To create these we turn your photo into a 3D crystal object. Technology and our artists work their magic to produce crystals that are real talking points. Popular choices for engraved wedding gifts include the Large Photo Crystal 3D, Extra Large 3D Photo Crystal and Super Size 3D Photo Crystal. All prices for our 3D block crystals include photo preparation, 3D artwork and your engraved message.  The Extra Large Photo Crystal is currently on special offer down 20% to £71.99. It measures 100mm x 70mm x 60mm and is a good choice for displaying a photograph of a couple. A smaller alternative option is the Large Photo Crystal 3D. It measures 60mm x 60mm x 90mm and costs £69.99.

We make ordering as easy as possible. Photos and messages can be uploaded directly to our website when you order.  With so much choice we understand you may want some help before you finalise your selection.  Our customer service team can be contacted on 08448849679.

Personalised Retirement Gifts

Do you know someone leaving their job or entering into retirement? Picture of the school class, picture of recipient (thanks for all your hard work, one in a million…)

Picking leaving or even retirement gifts can be problematic. Retirement GiftThere’s usually a last minute rush to consult colleagues and friends. The experience of people in our office is the recipient has a good chance of being presented with something they already own!

If you are charged with buying a retirement or leaving gift for a colleague you can avoid the last minute hoopla of deciding what to buy. How? Buy something that’s guaranteed to be unique and personal to the recipient. At Incrystals that’s exactly what we specialise in: one-of-a-kind gifts to suit all budgets.

We use the latest digital technology to laser etch photos in 2D or 3D onto crystals. Our crystals make ideal commemorative gifts for teachers, executives and anyone else leaving or retiring from work.  Choose from a photo of the school class or work team or photo of the recipient.

Here are some ideas to inspire you. Our 3D crystals from photos enable us to create true-to-life images in stunning 3D. All captured in crystal.

Our Extra Large Photo Crystal 3D is perfect for displaying photos of a school or college class or group of work colleagues. It’s an extra-large rectangular crystal cube and makes the perfect keepsake, measuring 100 x70 x 60mm. A text engraving of your choice is included in the price of £79.99.  Artwork for large groups of people may involve a small surcharge.

An alternative might be one of our crystal frames; Photo Crystal Giftperfect for displaying a special 2D photo. The Large Crystal Photo Frame with LED Base Slimline is very stylish keepsake. Measuring 150 x 100 x 9mm, the photo is etched inside the crystal and enhanced by the light from the base.  Priced at £52.99 including your choice of text engraving, it won’t burst the bank either.

An alternative to the Slimline Crystal Frame is the Laser Photo Frame Large Landscape design. At 150 x 100 x 30 mm it’s a tapered design, measuring just 15mm at the top. At £59.99 it requires no base.

Whatever you choose as a personalised retirement gift we can’t think of a better way to say thank you.

Gifts for Dad

Need ideas for gifts for Dad? All dads, the length and breadth of the UK, have stories to tell about both terrific and terrible gifts.  Some made them laugh, some made them cringe. But we bet your dad always told you each and every one was fantastic. That’s dads for you. Here are some corkers from a fess-up in the office.

Some of you probably have golf mad fathers. Gifts for Dad Someone in the office bought a cartoon like figure of a golfer for their dad as a gift. It was a statue of sorts. The daughter reasoned dad liked golf, he’d love the figure which was bought at a craft market. Wrong! The figure was too ugly to display, and spend a few years as a door stop before being discretely disposed of!

Someone else in the office has a habit of buying their dad gismos. The reason? Dad has everything he could possibly need and is a person of simple tastes. This dad has quite a collection of digital cameras, an iPod, and iPhone and now an iPad. And truthfully the only one in regular use is the camera.

Next up a son. He’s long given up buying sweaters and socks for his dad. Instead it’s usually tickets for a show. The only problem with this is that there isn’t always something on worth seeing. So this dad gets his birthday gift at odd times of the year. And you guessed it, the son always goes too.

Of course what makes a memorable gift depends on the person. But have you noticed most parents place a lot of store in ‘thoughtfulness’. Dads don’t much care if you spend £20 or £200. Well actually they might, they usually say they don’t want you wasting your money on buying them gifts!

So sometimes it may feel you can’t win.  You try a big surprise but you’re accused of spending money you don’t have. So, what are the best gifts for dad that will score high points for thoughtfulness, but won’t break the bank?

Check out our 3D photo crystals. None will break the bank.  But they are guaranteed to bring a smile to the face of any dad.  All you have to do is pick a treasured photo. It could be a photo of you, a grandchild or your parents. Our digital technology and artists are able to turn photos into 3D and etch them into a crystal.  See photos as you’ve never seen them before and solve the gifts for dad problem at a stroke! Genius.

Gift Ideas for Sister

How does your sister rate your gift buying? Could do better?  Then look no further for gift ideas for your sister. At Incrystals we specialise in unique personalised gifts.  Perfect for surprising your sister. So c’mon. Impress her with your talent for tracking down unusual, thoughtful presents.

Here’s the scoop. At Incrystals we specialise in using state of the art technology to etch photos onto a wide range of crystal gifts. Photos can be engraved in 2D or 3D – the available option depends on the gift. And there’s a huge choice of gifts to pick from. Search through the Incrystals’ site to find current discounts on everything from our Crystal Heart Pendant to 3D Pet Photo Large Crystal.

Now in the Incrystals office we understand sisters can be hard to please.  That’s why we make gift buying easy. All you have to do is decide what photo to use. And in most cases you can also add an engraved message on the gift – at no extra cost!

If your sister is pet daft why not choose one of our 3D Pet Photo Crystals. Prices start at just £15.99 for a 3D Pet Crystal Key Ring: Practical, but perhaps not dramatic. For more of a statement piece why not choose the 3D Pet Photo Large mentioned earlier. It’s on special offer with 15% off at £67.99.

But before you make your decision check out our 3D Photo Crystals. These come in a range of shapes and sizes, but any of the larger styles are perfect for bringing a special photo to life.  We faithfully recreate photos in 3D. We promise your sister won’t have seen anything like it. Or, iIf you’re on a limited budget check out the 3D Photo Crystal Key Ring. With 25% off, at just £14.99, it’s a steal. As we like to say at Incrystals, these are limited time offers and when they are gone, then they’re gone.

Last but not least check out the Photo Gift Section of the site. The Crystal Heart Pendant is currently 10% off at just £21.59. As well as etching your photo onto the pendant there’s even enough room for a message!

Grandad Birthday Gifts

Whether grandad is 45 or 85, we bet he’s not the easiest person to buy a birthday gift for.  He’ll tell you he doesn’t need anything or just says ‘surprise me’. Whichever way you look at it you’re not going to get much help!  But at Incrystals we can help. We help people solve their gift buying dilemmas by providing a wide range of personalised gifts. We specialise in photo crystals and personalised photo gifts: From lighters to crystal photo frames to 3D crystals. There are options to suit all budgets and tastes, from the practical to the dramatic.

So for granddad that could mean `one of our personalised photo crystals incorporating an image of the grandkids. We bet they’re the apple of his eye. Now if you’re curious about how we make our fabulous range of gifts we can tell you this. We use state of the art laser technology to engrave your photo onto an object in 2D or 3D. And there’s more. As well as engraving a photo, each gift comes engraved with your choice of message completely free of charge.

We bet we can tempt you to treat granddad to one of our unique gifts.

Photo crystalsWe are very proud of our 3D crystals. Imagine a 3D image from a 2D photo! As you can see from the examples on our site, the 3D images we create really bring photos to life. Currently, our 3D Photo Crystal is on special offer at just £41.99 down from £69.99 – that’s 40% off. Or if you’d prefer a larger crystal our Super Size 3D Photo Crystal is also on special offer at £84.99, down from £89.99.

Alternatively a 2D option is our Large Crystal Photo Frame with LED Base Slimline may be just what you’re after.  This style of photo frame suits any interior. The LED lights allow the light to flow through the crystal to dramatic effect.

And when it comes to Photo Crystals we have a wide selection of small, medium and large crystals in a variety of shapes. Smaller crystals include the Small Wedge Shape Photo Crystal Portrait at £19.99 or the Tapered Photo Crystal Landscape also at £19.99.

Whatever you choose, you’ll be giving granddad a memorable, lasting gift.

Christmas Gifts for Her

Go on, admit it. Men aren’t always the most inspired Christmas gift givers.Christmas Gifts for Her  Is it a question of running out of time? Ideas?  We’re not sure.  But here at Incrystals we like to do our bit to help the men of the nation find the perfect gift for their partners.

When it comes to Christmas gifts it’s not always about how much you spend but how much thought you put into finding the right present. Here at Incrystals we’ve got a whole bunch of ideas that’ll delight at Christmas without breaking the bank.

We specialise in providing a unique range of personalised crystal gifts. And we are not talking about glasses and decanters either. We use the latest digital technology to etch photographs into 2D or 3D crystal objects including pendants, photo frames and crystals.

Everyone has a cherished photo whether it’s a photo of themselves, family members or even a pet! Our state of the art technology creates true to life images in crystal from digital photos and scans of older photos.  In a nutshell, your chosen crystal object will have an etched replica of the original photo in 2D or 3D.

But enough of the talking. Best to tell you  about some of our fantastic gifts for her. Let’s start with our Heart Shaped Crystal Pendant, complete with chain. As crystal jewellery goes it’s very special. Measuring 28mm x 22mm and only 8mm thick, our heart shaped pendant is elegant and stylish.  Perfect for displaying a portrait photo we also include a free text engraving.  The pendant comes in its own velvet pouch so you don’t even have to worry about fancy packaging. Just wrap and you’re done. Currently we offering 10% off the normal price so it’s only £21.59 for a limited period.

Or what about one of our photo crystals? Our Extra Large Photo Frame with LED Lights are the largest crystal photos we offer. Measuring 180mm x 130mm and 10mm deep, the photo is engraved inside the crystal and set off by an LED stand that allows light to flow through the crystal. This photo frame is very elegant and suits any interior. Normally £69.99, it’s now only £62.99 for a limited period. If this photo crystal isn’t quite what you are looking for have a browse. We literally have photo crystals in all shapes and sizes.

There are times of course when you might want someone to choose their own gift. We’ve got that covered as well. We offer gift vouchers in multiples of £10. Perfect if you want someone to choose their own gift.