How do they do that? 3D Laser Engraving

3D crystals - how do they work?
3D crystals – how do they work?

Transforming a 2 dimensional photograph or image into a 3D crystal is a wonderful way to create a stunning gift perfect for many different occasions, but have you ever wondered – “how do they do that?” Read ahead to learn exactly how we take your photo and convert it into a three dimensional, jaw dropping decoration.

The photo crystal process utilises a specially designed laser. This green laser focuses its beam of light into a highly precise point just below the surface of a flawless piece of solid crystal. The image’s bright points are plotted into the crystal, and the laser traces this design, its powerful pulse making a small void along the way. The laser then moves to the next point, and the next – and eventually enough of these points are created in order to represent the image.

The laser leaves no etching or marks on the actual surface – instead, this remarkable process embeds the design into the centre of the crystal and leave a smooth, glimmering exterior . When viewed from different angles, the light picks up endless features of your photograph – you will always see something new and beautiful.

These 3D crystals are so special – order one today and give the perfect gift for any occasion.

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