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3 Personalised Stocking Stuffers under £15

Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for someone on your ‘nice’ list this Christmas? We have 3 ideas for perfect personalised stocking stuffers, all under £15.

A great bargain at £9.99
                                               A great bargain at £9.99
  1. Photo crystal keychain – Choose a meaningful, funny or cute photo and have it engraved onto a stylish crystal keychain – all for £9.99!

    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
  2. A crystal heart pendant – Give the gift of love with an engraved crystal heart pendant, and choose a gorgeous photo for your recipient to always wear next to their heart.

    A personalised engraved zippo lighter
                         A personalised engraved zippo lighter
  3. A personalised Zippo lighter – Perfect for a smoker or someone who loves to camp or light candles, a personalised engraved Zippo lighter is a bargain at only £9.99.

Make this Christmas extra special with a Crystal Gift

Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations
                               Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations.

If you are thinking about decorating your home with special holiday cheer this season, you will likely put up a tree, festoon the place with twinkling lights and hang a wreath on your door. While these classic decorations are a lovely way to celebrate the festive season, there are many ways that you can decorate your home in an extra special way this Christmas.

Our favourite way to add a unique and special sense of holiday cheer to your home is to add some 3D photo gifts to your array of decorations. Rather than simply trim a tree or hang a garland, consider placing 3D crystals around your home, featuring some of your most treasured past Christmas memories.

Transform your favourite family photos from the past and present into 3D Crystals, etched with a picture perfect laser printed image. For Christmas, we love the Iceberg Photo Crystals, designed with the rough hewn edges of nature in mind.

Choose three or four favourite Christmas photos and you’ll have personalised home decorations for decades to come, perfect for your own home or as gifts to your friends and family.

Personalised Christmas gifts that show you care

                                    Personalised gifts are a great way to say I love you at Christmas time!

It’s the final countdown – the last few days before Christmas, and if you haven’t sorted out all of your gifts you are cutting it down to the wire! At this point, if you need to send something across the country (or even across the planet) you may be a tad too late for your item to arrive in time for Christmas morning. No worries – here are some fantastic last minute personalised gifts that will show you care – even if they arrive a few days late.

  • Personalised socks – Sending a pair of personalised socks is a cute way to ring in the holidays – everyone loves a pair of fun feet! These “obligatory Christmas socks” from Alphabet Interiors will bring a smile to the face  – and the toes- of your recipient.
  • An engraved lighter, key rings, phone case or charger – Engraving day to day items such as lighters, phone chargers, key rings, alarm clocks and phone cases is an easy way to add fun and meaning to an otherwise banal gift. Incrystals does a cracking job of engraving photo images and messages onto these household objects. Personalised key rings? Christmas sorted.
  • A trio of meaningful heart maps – Bombas does a wonderful job of helping you preserve lovely memories and create a personalised gift for your spouse, friend or family member – you choose three places anywhere in the world, and they create a gorgeous keepsake that anyone would be happy to hang on the wall.
  • A Photo Crystal – These 3D photo crystals make such a great personalised gift for anyone on your list – simply choose a photo that has meaning for both of you, and this state of the art technology can create a photo realistic etching into a crystal block. Ideal as a keepsake, a paperweight or an eye catching accessory, these crystals really show you care.