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3 Personalised Stocking Stuffers under £15

Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for someone on your ‘nice’ list this Christmas? We have 3 ideas for perfect personalised stocking stuffers, all under £15.

A great bargain at £9.99
                                               A great bargain at £9.99
  1. Photo crystal keychain – Choose a meaningful, funny or cute photo and have it engraved onto a stylish crystal keychain – all for £9.99!

    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
  2. A crystal heart pendant – Give the gift of love with an engraved crystal heart pendant, and choose a gorgeous photo for your recipient to always wear next to their heart.

    A personalised engraved zippo lighter
                         A personalised engraved zippo lighter
  3. A personalised Zippo lighter – Perfect for a smoker or someone who loves to camp or light candles, a personalised engraved Zippo lighter is a bargain at only £9.99.

Make this Christmas extra special with a Crystal Gift

Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations
                               Iceberg Photo Crystals make the perfect holiday home decorations.

If you are thinking about decorating your home with special holiday cheer this season, you will likely put up a tree, festoon the place with twinkling lights and hang a wreath on your door. While these classic decorations are a lovely way to celebrate the festive season, there are many ways that you can decorate your home in an extra special way this Christmas.

Our favourite way to add a unique and special sense of holiday cheer to your home is to add some 3D photo gifts to your array of decorations. Rather than simply trim a tree or hang a garland, consider placing 3D crystals around your home, featuring some of your most treasured past Christmas memories.

Transform your favourite family photos from the past and present into 3D Crystals, etched with a picture perfect laser printed image. For Christmas, we love the Iceberg Photo Crystals, designed with the rough hewn edges of nature in mind.

Choose three or four favourite Christmas photos and you’ll have personalised home decorations for decades to come, perfect for your own home or as gifts to your friends and family.

Stocking Stuffer Ideas – A Personalised Photo Case

A personalised phone case makes the perfect stocking stuffer
                        A personalised phone case makes the perfect stocking stuffer

Filling your family’s stockings has got to be one of the most enjoyable parts of Christmas shopping – unlike the bigger, more serious gifts, stockings allow you to be a little more silly, a little more frivolous and a lot more fun!

While you are probably well stocked with mandarins to stuff down in the stocking’s toe, consider adding more than just chocolate and gag gifts to your loved one’s sock. A personalised iPhone or iPad case can be the perfect addition to any Christmas haul, a gift that is at once useful and meaningful.

Choose a favourite photo of you and your friends or a fun family pic and let your imagination run wild – they can keep their phone safe and protected while getting a reminder of good times. You can choose from a photo case for iPhone 6/6s, a clear snap case for iPhone 7 and our bestseller, a clear toughcase for Samsung Galaxy 7.

While we are more known for our gorgeous 3D photo crystals and other photo gifts, we are proud to add these phone cases to our collection. We know you’ll love them, too!

Gifts that show you care

Feeling Down?
                                             Feeling Down?

Now that the clocks have been set back and the weather is often gloomy, many people across the UK are finding themselves in a bit of a slump. If you have a friend or a loved one who is suffering from grief, dealing with a rough spell or feeling down for any reason at all, sending a token or a gift can be a special way to show you care. Photo gifts, 3D crystals, laser engraved gifts and even an edible bouquet – these are perfect for cheering your recipient up.

Here are a few gift ideas that will show any one you care.

3D crystals - a great gift to cheer someone up
3D crystals – a great gift to cheer someone up
  1. Share a happy memory – Reminders of good times past are a great way to remind someone that you are there for them. Choose your favourite photo and have it transformed into a realistic 3D photo gift, a memento that will look wonderful on their mantle, desk or end table.
  2. Give something that they will see all the time – Creating a photo engraved keychain is another way to ensure that your friend or family member sees a happy memory all the time. A keychain is a great way to pack a big punch into a small package!
  3. Give an edible arrangement – When someone is feeling down, they might have a tendency to eat unhealthy foods – send an edible fruit arrangement to show them that you care while also ensuring that they get their 5 a day!

Hallowe’en Photo Gifts

The perfect Halloween themed photo gift.
                                                    The perfect Halloween themed photo gift.

Hallowe’en is a special time of year when you have little ones. The fun and excitement of dressing your tots in spooky costumes cannot be understated, and this festive season only gets more interesting as your kids get older and start clamouring for the costume of their choice.

Your child’s Hallowe’en costume moments are the perfect time to take adorable photos, and these seasonal photos are the ideal basis for photo gifts. Your parents, siblings and family friends will adore Hallowe’en themed photo gifts that feature the image of your exuberant little ghost, witch or vampire.

Choose your favourite Hallowe’en themed photo and simply upload them to the InCrystals website. At that point you can choose from hundreds of different photo gifts, from crystal engraved keychains to customised phone charging power banks to stunning 3D photo cubes that make the perfect decorative element in a loved ones’ home.

Whether you choose to simply frame your Hallowe’en photo or create a 3D photo crystal gift, make sure that you use these special October moments to their fullest.

The Best School Photo Idea: The First and Last Day

: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest

The summer is drawing to an end, and the crisp Fall weather is upon us – it is time for the little ones to head back to school for another year! Preserving these memories is an important part of growing up, and snapping photos of your kids as they don their new uniforms is a time honoured tradition.

The team here at Incrystals love this idea  – on the first day of classes, snap a photo of your little scholar holding a sign that states the first day of their year at school. On the last day of school, do the same with a sign that staes “last day of year BLANK.”

You will be able to see the amount that they have grown, and this will be a true keepsake you will cherish forever. Use these photos to create a unique and meaningful photo keepsake – a 3D photo crystal makes a great memento and/or gift for loved ones.


Great iPhone Photo Tips

Your iphone can take great photos
                                                               Your iPhone can take great photos

If you are on a casual day out or going about your daily routine, you likely do not have a dedicated camera with you. When the moment strikes and a brilliant photo opportunity arises, you probably reach for your smartphone in order to snap the picture. While camera phones had dubious quality (at best) a decade ago, the latest iPhone boasts 12 megapixels, rivalling the best point and shoot camera models.

If you plan to use your iPhone for your Incrystals crystal gifts, here are some top tips that will help you to take fantastic photos.

  • Utilise third party apps – Apps such as Facetune, Photoshop and/ or those that offer you manual camera options can all help you to take better photos in the first place, and then edit them afterwards.
  • Remember that framing is important – Just as with a regular camera, you should always take a moment or two to assess your subject and make sure that it is framed correctly, Remember the rule of thirds (a technique that allows you to align your subject matter in an attractive and linear way), and ensure that the top of your subject does not get cut off.
  • Use your finger to focus the camera – When taking close up shots, you should use your finger to tap the subject. This alerts your iPhone camera to the fact that it should focus on this object or person, and not the other things nearby in the frame. This will give you a nice, clear shot that will be perfect for a 3D photo crystal gift.

Happy shooting!

How to choose a great family photographer

Choosing a family photographer is important.
Choosing a great family photographer is important.

Whether you have a small baby or a large brood of kids, having professional photos taken of your family is a popular and meaningful thing to do. A well executed family portrait can be a cherished keepsake that you can hang in your home, keep in your wallet or turn into a lovely 3D crystal gift. Portraits and 3D crystals make the perfect gifts for grandparents, relatives and other loved ones, not to mention they look lovely in your own lounge, bedroom or office – providing you choose a great photographer.

Choosing the best photographer for your family can be a daunting task, and so here is a list of the top five things to look for in a family photographer.

  1. Reputation – As with many service providers, word of mouth is key when it comes to photography. Ask your friends, family and colleagues for recommendations, and don’t just take their word for it – ask to look at the results.
  2. Personal Style – You might be after a very traditional portrait, or want something a lot more wild and creative. Ensure that you ask any potential photographer about their style, and ask to see their complete portfolio.
  3. Pet friendly – If you want to include your furry family members in your portrait, ensure that your photographer has experience with animals and is comfortable working with them.
  4. Discuss details – Creativity is important, but so too is customer service. Ensure that you specifically agree on time frame, the number of prints you will receive and retouching.
  5. Price – Photographers with different skill levels and equipment quality will charge different rates, and so finding one in your price range is important. Ensure that you agree on a price you can afford.

A New Year’s Resolution – Print your photos!

Tapered Photo Crystal - Landscape

As 2016 begins, it is the perfect time to make some changes in your life. While resolutions about exercise, physical health, diet and finances are heavy and difficult to keep, you can always set a few fun goals. This year, I am making more of an effort to decorate my home with my own photography and pictures of me and my husband together and loving life.

While digital photography has brought us immeasurable convenience and the ability to capture more special moments than ever before, it does also pose a very real problem: because we can instantly see our photos (and edit, crop and resize them), we are less likely to print them out and keep them as mementos. After all, we live so much of our lives on social media, and digital photos are easy to post online and share with friends, family and colleagues.

But posting our photos online can never be a real replacement for printing our precious images and posting them around our home. While creating heavy physical photo albums filled with family memories might be a thing of the past, it is still a lovely practice to display your photos in your space.

  • Enlarge the best of the best – A few times a year, choose your favourite photos and print them in A2 or A3 size. You can purchase very affordable and attractive black frames in all sizes from Tiger or Ikea – use these to line a staircase or your foyer.
  • Create a stunning photo crystal – Every now and then a photo really turns out magically – this year, transform those into 3D Photo Crystals or even a photo keyring.
  • Order a photo canvas – Choosing your favourite photos and having them enlarged and transferred onto a canvas is a sophisticated and stunning way to display your best memories – they look fantastic on any wall in your home.

The final countdown! Last minute Christmas gifts

Stunning chocolates at Dark Sugars
Stunning chocolates at Dark Sugars

We’re in the final holiday stretch – the final seven days before Christmas Day. If you still haven’t stuffed every stocking and purchased every package then you are swiftly falling behind schedule – now is the time to get your Christmas shopping completed. Here are our top five last minute Christmas gifts that will help you check everyone off of your list and relax with a glass of egg nog instead of panicking on the 24th!

  1. Gorgeous choccies – I know, I know – buying a box of chocolates seems like a cop out, but that is only if you haven’t visited Brick Lane’s Dark Sugars. These gourmet Ghanian chocolates will make every foodie on your list grin from ear to ear, that is, if they can stop chowing down on truffles.
  2. Lush goodies– Maybe sweets aren’t for everyone on your list, but that doesn’t mean that they won’t love a luscious treat for the bath or shower. Lush is a seasonal favourite across the UK; their yuletide soaps, bath bombs and body lotions are perfect for both men and women who like a little whimsy with their hygiene.
  3. Personalised photo gifts – What better way to say you love someone than by gifting them with a personalised photo gift? 3D laser engraved photo crystals are a really lovely gift for parents or grandparents, and personalised photo key chains make great stocking stuffers. Order soon for last minute delivery before Christmas!
  4. Movie vouchers – Gift cards can seem impersonal, but vouchers for a movie always feel different – these make a brilliant gift for most people. After all, who doesn’t love going to see a film?If you want to be a little bit more unique, you can always choose vouchers from an artsy cinema, such as the BFI in London.
  5. A museum membership – If your gift recipient has a favourite museum (or museum that allies with their interests that they may not know about yet), consider purchasing them an annual membership. This is not only thoughtful, but helps to keep the institution afloat.