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The Best School Photo Idea: The First and Last Day

: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest
Photo Credit: Courtesy of fynesdesigns.com via Pinterest

The summer is drawing to an end, and the crisp Fall weather is upon us – it is time for the little ones to head back to school for another year! Preserving these memories is an important part of growing up, and snapping photos of your kids as they don their new uniforms is a time honoured tradition.

The team here at Incrystals love this idea  – on the first day of classes, snap a photo of your little scholar holding a sign that states the first day of their year at school. On the last day of school, do the same with a sign that staes “last day of year BLANK.”

You will be able to see the amount that they have grown, and this will be a true keepsake you will cherish forever. Use these photos to create a unique and meaningful photo keepsake – a 3D photo crystal makes a great memento and/or gift for loved ones.


Great iPhone Photo Tips

Your iphone can take great photos
                                                               Your iPhone can take great photos

If you are on a casual day out or going about your daily routine, you likely do not have a dedicated camera with you. When the moment strikes and a brilliant photo opportunity arises, you probably reach for your smartphone in order to snap the picture. While camera phones had dubious quality (at best) a decade ago, the latest iPhone boasts 12 megapixels, rivalling the best point and shoot camera models.

If you plan to use your iPhone for your Incrystals crystal gifts, here are some top tips that will help you to take fantastic photos.

  • Utilise third party apps – Apps such as Facetune, Photoshop and/ or those that offer you manual camera options can all help you to take better photos in the first place, and then edit them afterwards.
  • Remember that framing is important – Just as with a regular camera, you should always take a moment or two to assess your subject and make sure that it is framed correctly, Remember the rule of thirds (a technique that allows you to align your subject matter in an attractive and linear way), and ensure that the top of your subject does not get cut off.
  • Use your finger to focus the camera – When taking close up shots, you should use your finger to tap the subject. This alerts your iPhone camera to the fact that it should focus on this object or person, and not the other things nearby in the frame. This will give you a nice, clear shot that will be perfect for a 3D photo crystal gift.

Happy shooting!

Top Summer Photo Tips

A stunning portrait taken at dawn.
                                                                              A stunning portrait taken at dawn.


The summer is finally in full swing, and it is a great time to head out to the seaside, visit a park or go on a holiday to the lake. No matter where you go this summer, make sure you take your camera or iPhone so that you can snap beautiful photos of your family, friends and nature itself.

Here are our top three summer photo tips:

  1. Wake up early and catch the magical dawn light
    Nothing is as ethereal as the dawn hours during the summertime. If you want to take stunning photos with a hint of magic, wake the kids up early and set up a photoshoot in the early morning light.
  2. Try using a flash when taking portraits
    It may seem counterintuitive to use a flash when the light is at its brightest, but the summer sun can create unflattering lines and creases on people’s faces. Use your flash (or even better, a flash gun) and you can smooth out some of the harsh lines and capture a stunning summer portrait. A stunning portrait can then be used for a 3D Photo Crystal, a perfect way to hang on to the summer all year long.
  3. Focus on summer subjects
    Nothing says summer more than swimming, camping, bbq parties and days by the sea. Remember to capture photos of nature at its finest – these images will contextualise your family photo albums.

Christmas Morning Photo Tips

Christmas morning photo tips
                                                                                   (Image via)

As you gather under the tree this Christmas morning you will be creating memories that will last a lifetime – but will your photos stand the test of time? If you want to fill photo albums with lovely pictures and create 3D photo crystals for perfect gifts, follow these Christmas morning photo tips.

  • Double check your batteries and memory card – There is nothing worse than attempting to take the perfect photo, only to realise at the last second that your batteries are dead or your memory card is misplaced.
  • Raise your ISO – Christmas morning gift opening often takes place in low light – hike up your ISO in order to take advantage of the natural light without having to use flash.
  • Focus on the little details – It is the small details that help you to tell the story: the pitter patter of tiny feet, the wee hands gripping a wrapped package, the cat sitting in an empty box. While group shots are lovely, make sure you capture the small things as well.
  • Make sure you are in the photos! – While you are the maestro behind the camera, make sure you have someone else take some photos that actually have you in the frame!
  • Try to position everyone near a window – The natural light coming in from a window will really help you to take some beautiful shots that take advantage of the back lighting from outside.
  • Finally, remember to have fun! – While you want to be sure to get some great pictures, remember to let loose and have fun; everyone’s enjoyment is far more important than a perfect photo.

How to take fantastic photos of your pet


Our cats, dogs, snakes, ferrets and fish occupy a special space in our hearts – some people claim that they love their pets more than they love their human friends! Our pets are so important to us that we spend a lot of our time taking photos of them, and some people’s social media profiles are simply filled to the brim with images of their furry friends.

Taking photos of our pets seems like an easy thing to do, but capturing the spirit and essence of your beloved cat or dog can be harder than you think. A cuddly pal can all too easily turn into a blurry ball of fur when caught on camera. In order to help you take the best photos possible of your animal, here are some top tips from the experts.

  1. Head toward the light! Make sure that you take photos of your pet while saturated in natural light. In order to avoid the ‘blow out’ of back lighting, stand or crouch with your back to the windows (or sun, if you are outdoors). This natural lighting will highlight the fine details of your pet’s face that can often be made blurry in low lit settings. cat-216287_1280
  2. Avoid using the flash. Using the flash on your camera might scare your pet, and it is sure to give them the dreaded red eye. Fluffy is sure to look terrifying if his eyes are glowing balls of fire!
  3. Patience will be rewarded. Trying to rush a pet photography session will lead to disappointing images – it is best to chill out, relax and spend some quality time with your pet while you just happen to have your camera at the ready.
  4. Use your Macro setting. You don’t need to have a fancy, professional photography set up in order to utilise the different settings on your camera. The macro setting allows you to zoom in and take photos that include fine details that normally get blurred out. This can be perfect to capture the whiskers on your cat’s face or the expressive brows above your dog’s eyes.https://static.pexels.com/photos/1173/animal-dog-pet-cute.jpg
  5. Catch them doing what they love. You love your pet for their personality, and so you should always honour their quirks, kindness and silliness in any photo you take! The more humour, the better.

Of course, if all of this sees a bit too overwhelming you can always turn to a professional pet photographer. Once your photos are perfect, preserve them in a unique and interesting way – scrapbooks, canvas printing or a beautiful 3D Photo Crystal.

How to Take Amazing Summer Holiday Photos


June 21st marked the longest day of the year and the official first day of Summer, and the team here at InCrystals couldn’t be more excited with the warmer weather, relaxing evenings and long afternoons spent in the park (or on the patio!).

Summer also often means a chance to spend more time with our family, friends and loved ones, and many people choose to gather up their clan and head off on a holiday to take advantage of the lovely temperatures and longer evenings. With countless people flocking off the vacation destinations both local and exotic, our facebook and instagram accounts are often flooded with the photos that people snap while travelling.

With the advent of digital photography and powerful camera phones, we are taking more photos than ever of our children, our vacations and even our food! But how can you make sure that your holiday photos are unique, attractive and widely appreciated by your friends and social media followers?

Whether you are at home or abroad, here are our top three tips for taking the perfect summer vacation photos this year.

  1. Avoid static shots of the family posing in front of a landmark. Instead of the same tired old shot of the gang posed in front of the Eifel Tower, consider a photo of the kids trying a raw oyster for the first time, sampling some sorbet or gorging on brie and baguettes in a nearby square. Better yet – snap a pic of the little ones (and big ones!) playing a game of pick up footie with the local enfants – that is sure to evoke wonderful memories.
Slurping up some sorbet!
  1. Get up close and personal. Everyone has the same shot of Big Ben from trip to London, but only you can catch the wonder of your little one’s eyes as they stare up at it for the first time. Avoid the ‘big picture’- focus in on small architectural details and sneaky close ups of your family enjoying them.
  2. Take photos of the locals being…. Local! A flower seller in India? A fishmonger at an Italian market? A passionate tour guide in London? These visages will remind you of the place you visited far more than any anonymous postcard shot ever will.
Stunning flowers in Pushkar, India

Once you have returned home from your summer holiday and have a chance to reflect and review your photos, consider turning your favourites into timeless memories with an InCrystal 3D photo block. Your family will love seeing their antics depicted in stunning crystal, and you will love the memories it evokes – until you start planning next year’s vacation!