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3 Personalised Stocking Stuffers under £15

Looking for an affordable stocking stuffer or secret Santa gift for someone on your ‘nice’ list this Christmas? We have 3 ideas for perfect personalised stocking stuffers, all under £15.

A great bargain at £9.99
                                               A great bargain at £9.99
  1. Photo crystal keychain – Choose a meaningful, funny or cute photo and have it engraved onto a stylish crystal keychain – all for £9.99!

    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
    A personalised engraved photo pendant.
  2. A crystal heart pendant – Give the gift of love with an engraved crystal heart pendant, and choose a gorgeous photo for your recipient to always wear next to their heart.

    A personalised engraved zippo lighter
                         A personalised engraved zippo lighter
  3. A personalised Zippo lighter – Perfect for a smoker or someone who loves to camp or light candles, a personalised engraved Zippo lighter is a bargain at only £9.99.

Fantastic Secret Santa Gifts Under a Tenner

Photo via
Photo via

Participating in an office gift exchange or ‘Secret Santa’ anonymous gift game can be a great way to promote holiday cheer and bonding with your colleagues. After all, who doesn’t love receiving a present that has been carefully selected just for them?

That said, shopping for your Secret Santa recipient can be a little bit challenging at times. You may have selected a coworker who you do not know very well, or you might have picked your hard to please boss. Here are some great gift ideas perfect for Secret Santa this year that will cost you less than a tenner.


Does what it says on the  tin
Does what it says on the tin
  • Bathtime treats from Lush – Lush has a whole range of small Christmas gifts and holiday themed products that are priced around the ten pound mark, including this delightful Secret Santa bath gift. The scents are spicy and sweet, perfect for someone with a love of seasonal treats.
  • A nice bottle of wine – This time of year you can often get really nice bottles of wine at deeply discounted prices – gift them with a Cab Sav or a Merlot that will help them get through the work week!
  • A Christmas Pud tie – M&S saves the day, as always. They have a new range of Christmas themed neckties, all priced under ten quid. These are lovable and fun, guaranteed to melt the heart of even the most vehement “Bah humbugger” out there.

    Photo Crystal Keyring
    David Beckham optional, of course.
  • A personalised crystal keyring – Want to get your Secret Santa recipient something really special? Choose a photo of their child or pet (scour their Facebook if you are friends on social media) and have an engraved crystal keyring made especially for them.
    Chocolate Brussels Sprouts
  • Chocolate Brussels Sprouts – Before you start gagging, relax! These are chocolates in the shape of brussels sprouts, not actual cruciferous bonbons. Handmade of luxurious gourmet chocolate, these are a fun twist on the usual Christmas choccies.