Frequently Asked Questions


What are Photo Crystals Made of?

All our photo crystals are made of Glass making them weather proof and water proof, they are made from high quality K9 Crystals


What's the difference between 2D and 3D photo crystals 

Photo crystals also known as 2D crystals are two-dimensional in nature and do not have any depth. When viewed from the front, 2D products show the photo, However, when they are viewed from the side, they simply display a straight line , normally most of the 2d photo crystals are sleek and flat in shape.

3D photo crystal products, on the other hand are 3-dimensional covering 180° texture and features of the object in 3D , check out our 360° sample viewer on most 3D products online , all of our 3D crystal blocks are thick and solid with atleast 20mm - 100 mm tihckness to cover the 3D effects.


What photos can I use ?

You can use any photo for photo crystals there is no restriction on what you can used for the standard 2d photo from ultrasound baby scans to makeover photoshoots , as long as you have a high resolution photo we can laser it on to any of our crystals 

3D Crystal on the other hand are restricted to faces of human and animals as this requires soecial software and artists to convert the photos into beautiful 3d crystals , we are able to produce other opbjects als oin 3D and 4D images but this requires extra time and effort by the artists so the prices will be quoted on a case by case , please contact customer services for customised quotes.


Can you combine Multiple Photos?

Yes, we can combine multiple photos and put them into a single crystal, our online order will not support uploading multiple images so you can place the order then email us the order number along with the photos and we will merge them into your chosen crystal


Will I get your company Logos on to my Crystals as they are displayed on products?

No , we only put the logos on the crystals to protect copyright of our product images , as there are several cheap versions online and on places like eBay who try to copy our high quality crystals photo only to sell their poor quality crystals.


What type of Images can I use?

You can use any photos really, if you have a very old photo and cannot scan it you can also mail in your photos we will send it back with the crystal, the result of the final product will also depend on how good the quality of the photo is, so any photos with dark lighting or blurred images will not produce best results, however we can try to do our best to adjust it to the best outcome where possible.


Do you remove the background?

Yes, by default we remove the background from all Images before we process it as it gives the best result on the subject.


Can you convert Automobiles buildings into 3D?

Yes , however our advertised 3D services are for Human and Pet faces only however we are able to do other objects but each of them will need to be quoted based on the complexity of the item.



We normally produce and despatch our crystals within 24-48 hours during the week, over busy periods such as Christmas we aim to deliver the product within 3-5 working days, we ship all our crystals via Royal Mail so allow another day or two for them to make the delivery.


Displaying Crystals

Crystals a best displayed under Light or a bright area with a dark background, we also supply LED lightbase for the crystals which will give them illumination in case you do not have an Ideal condition to display them.

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