Laser Photo Glass pendant with silver necklace

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Laser Photo Glass pendant with silver necklace
Your Laser Photo in pendant with silver necklace The photo of your loved one as a jewellery the pendant comes with a silver necklace this is much bigger than our heart pendant The high quality glass is just about right to shine with a dimension of 25x35x4mm and not too heavy on the neck. The pendant is attached with a metal clip on the slender necklace 925 sterling. The necklace has a length of 45cm. Ideal as a gift for your partner Any image can be used Material: high-quality, optically pure glass, chain gracefully built with 925 Sterling Silver Dimensions glass: 25x35x4mm Included: 1x pendant with laser photo, necklace 925 sterling silver, length 45cm 1x Microfibre Cloth Important note: Due to the nature of laser photos in the photo glass on top is visible when it is worn on dark clothing. Care instructions: Clean the glass keychain with the included microfibre cloth, if necessary with a household glass cleaner Guarantee: 100% UV resistant - no fading. Your Laser Photo will never change or fade
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