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Photo Engraved Remembrance Gift Frame

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Photo Engraved Remembrance Gift Frame


2D Photo Crystals utilise modern laser technology in order to etch a picture onto a shimmering crystal surface.
Tapered Photo Crystal is perfect for displaying almost any photo and personalizing with the text message.
We are giving you a choice of printing an image and adding a text message as well. Take this opportunity and engrave what the person who has passed away used to say, print an important day or even a poem. Feel free, you can personalise the crystal with any writing and a photo of your choice. Our highly skilled art team can bring back to life every photo, even very old pictures can back to life in very high quality. If you have more than one image, or the people you want to print are not on the same image, do not worry, we still can help. Our artist can edit the image, merge the two images and create a nice portrait of the people, you want to print. The 2D photo crystals are pieces of crystal that are engraved to show a flat photograph.
By default we remove the background from all images.
The crystal comes in its own box so you don’t even have to worry about fancy packaging.

Measures : 100x150x24mm

A glittering crystal gift will look gorgeous when it catches the light. Click here to find suitable LED Light Bases

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  • Free Velvet lined presentation box

We cater to your needs, meaning that whether you need 2D, 3D or a 4D crystal we can help you design your product with the help our artists. We can take a look at the design and let you know what we can do.

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